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Resources and scenarios by me for the roleplaying games I play.

Ex Tempore. A time travel/alternate universe setting I used in 2002 to run the campaign "Operation Fukuyama".

Genesis: A Game of History Creation. A system for creating the stories of people, nations or worlds using tarot cards.

Bulk and Surface. An Aberrant campaign setting with some very dark secrets.

Huji is One!. A fantasy satire.

Andra Sidan Spegeln. A page with resources for the swedish roleplaying game Tellus.

InfoWar. Near future technothriller game. The year is 2015 and the world is dominated by three political blocks. Despite their competition, they all strive to keep society stable - which means they work against technological and social change. But change is hard to stop, and the Technological Underground will not be silenced!

Orion's Arm (a collaborative project). 8000 years in the future humanity has branched into a myriad directions, godlike artificial intelligences rule interstellar empires and in the periphery very strange things are going on. Hard sf space opera.

The Death of the Dragons The year is 2034, and the world is coming to terms with the new ice age, the fall of the national state, biotechnology and the information revolution. But odd things are happening behind the scenes...

Big Ideas, Grand Vision A huge future setting: the year is 2350, and mankind has colonised several solar systems. Each colony has developed on their own into an unique culture, with very different philosophies and technologies. But now faster than light travel has become possible, and they are thrust together. What will happen?

The Final Countdown Humanity is involved in a fierce interstellar war against unknown aliens. Why did they attack? How far will humanity go to defeat them? Will any side survive?

Anders Mage Page A page containing texts and images for the roleplaying game Mage: the Ascension.

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