300 years ago humans left for the stars. On the colonies humans have discovered marvels, developed new cultures, changed in new directions - separated by gulfs measured in light-years. But now they are brought together again. Culture clashes with culture, philosophy with philosophy. Technologies recombine into something new, something that can transform humanity or destroy it. Ambitious people plan for the dynamic future. It is a time for...

Big Ideas, Grand Vision

Big Ideas, Grand Vision is a roleplaying science fiction setting written by Anders Sandberg 1999. It is intended as hard science fiction, dealing with the question "What can humanity become?" It was originally run using the Alternity system, but should work fine in most other general systems.


- what is this?

The World

- the colonies, their inhabitants and their technology.

Rules and System

- how to use it in Alternity?

Gamemaster Information

- what is going on behind the scenes, how to run a campaign in this setting.


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Closing Words


Web Forum

- a space for comments, discussions and suggestions.

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