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Introductory Texts about Transhumanism

People accept their limitations so as to prevent themselves from wanting anything they might get.
Celia Green
There is no a priori reason why a human being should not combine the qualities, say, of Einstein, Shakespeare, Mozart, Darwin, J.M.W. Turner, a nuthatch and a pocket calculator. Indeed, there is no a priori reason why such a paragon should not be considered ordinary.
Colin Tudge
Transhumanism has many forms, sometimes apparently contradictory. Its essence is in my opinion, that we humans can, and should continue to develop ourselves in all possible directions. The bodies and minds evolution has given us are wonderful, but far from perfect. They can be improved in many ways, and this can be done in a rational manner using science and technology. In the same way many other parts of the "Human Condition" may be changed through new methods and visions. In the long run, we will no longer be human anymore, but posthuman beings.

Of course, not all people would like to go this far. Some might want to improve themselves somewhat, but still remain essentially as before. Others might reject any improvements outright for various reasons. From a transhumanistic standpoint, this is no problem. If they don't want to go in our direction, they are welcome to remain humans. What we cannot accept is other people putting restrictions on our quest towards transhumanity; in that case we have to prevent them from interfering, probably by simply avoiding them. In no way do we want to force anybody to anything.


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Definitions of Transhumanism by different people. 

The Transhumanist Principles. The basic principles most transhumanists agree on. 

The Path to Posthumanity. Some of the tools and changes that transhumanism strives for. 

The Transhuman Vision

Essays about Transhumanism

Faded Genes by Greg Blonder (From Wired March 1995). If we don't want to have computers smarter than us, we better make ourselves smarter... 

... or become robots and computers ourselves. See Will Robots Inherit the Earth? by Marvin Minsky (originally published in Scientific American, October 1994) 

On Becoming Posthuman by Max More. Discusses the reasons to seek to transcend the current Human Condition to reach Posthumanity. 

Vom Biologischen Menschen zum Posthumanen Wesen by Max More (in German, translation of On Becoming Posthuman).

The Philosophy of Transhumanism by Greg Burch. 

The Turkey Story by Garret Smyth. A parable about Immortality and Dynamic Optimism. 

Five Things You Can Do To Fight Entropy Now by Romana Machado. 

Phoenix Memes by Damien Sullivan. Contains a moving description of the transhumanist wish to become a Power. 

  Techno Sapiens: The Convergence of Humans and Technology by Erik Calonius (Fortune July 8 1996).

  A Visăo Trans-humana by Anders Sandberg (in Portugese, tr. by Gustavo Muccillo Alves).

  Transhumanist texts in portugese, translated by Gustavo Muccillo Alves.

Transhuman Philosophy and Views

Excerpt from "Are You a Transhuman?" and Toward new ideologies by FM-2030, one of the first transhumanist thinkers. 

Synopsis of Bringing Life to the Stars by David Duemler. A philosophical text which addresses the question "Should we bring life to the rest of the solar system, or, if possible, to the rest of the galaxy?". 

The Future of Man by Sir Peter Medawar. About our responsibility for our own evolution. 

Cybernetic Immortality node in Principia Cybernetica. Discusses the reasons to try to achieve Cybernetic Immortality. 

Rationality versus Emotion by Carl Feynman (page by Damien Sullivan). 

  The Big Picture by Danny Hillis (Wired 6.01 1998). Why is things changing? Because change builds on change.

The More Things Change... by Wil McCarthy. Is technology good? 

Dynamic Optimism by Max More. How to live a happy, more efficient life.

  The Extropian Principles V 3.0

  Man into Superman by Robert C.W. Ettinger. One of the old classics.

Mentions in the Media

While the media seldom portray transhumanism (or anybody else) in an unbiased light, they often look at things from a layperson perspective and tries to explain the ideas simply (sometimes too simply). Most of these texts deal with the extropians, the most active group of transhumanists.

The Tomorrow People. March 26 1995 UK Observer cover story. 

Those Uncanny EX-MEN!, by John Whalen. A slightly melodramatic article about the Extropians from Metro, a Silicon Valley newspaper.

Superhumanism by Charles Platt. A somewhat sceptical interview with Hans Moravec in Wired.

Meet the Extropians. Wired article about the extropians.

Ewiges Leben durch moderne Technik? (DLR "Forschung aktuell", 23.7.95, Christoph rösser) An interview with some leading extropians (in German). 

Unsterblich im Hier und Jetzt? by Christoph Drösser (in German). Article in Telopolis about transhumanism. 

Singular Visionary by Kevin Kelly. An interview with Vernor Vinge, from Wired about the concept of the Singularity and self-transformation.

Lust nach Laune und Leben ohne Ende by Gundolf S. Freyermuth (Teleopolis, in German). About the Extro3 conference.

Get a life - forever! by Toby Howard (Fortean Times August 1996)

At What Cost Transhumanity?. BrainTennis between Max More and Paulina Borsook about transhumanism.

Die Avantgarde der Evolution by Gundolf S. Freyermuth (Telepolis, in German).

Other Sites

World Transhumanist Association

Extropy Institute




Damien Broderick, The Spike. Reed Natural History ISBN: 0730104974

Ed Regis, The Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition 1991 Addison Wesley

K. Eric Drexler, Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology, Anchor Books 1986

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