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Transhuman Technologies by Mitchell Porter. A text version of the Transhuman technologies, a long list of resources and comments.

We Are Infinite. Contains a mirror of this site, transhuman contact information, a transhuman bookstore, and the transhuman mailing list archives.

The HedWeb: the Hedonistic Imperative and David Pearce's home page. Philosophy and hedonism.

Zenon Kulpa's Page. Extropian links, space exploration, nanotechnology, art and more.

Ron's Futopia Page

Contemporary Renaissance Futures by Sarah Marr.

Mankind's Future

Futurism Page

A Sky Full of Stars


Reason's Triumph


Prometheus' Crack

The Futurist Think Tank

Transhumanism in Yahoo

The Infinite Faculty Actualising renaissance (trans)humanism.

Transhumanist Home Pages

The Neurosphere of Harmony Baldwin.

Joost Bonsen

Nicholas Boström. Especially about philosophy.

Greg Burch

The Cyberspace home of Alexander (Sasha) Chislenko. Many readable essays and links to transhuman organizations.

Daniel Carlmark

David Cary

Ian Goddard

Phil Goetz Homepage. Cognitive science, artificial life and extropianism.

Prof. Gomes' Home Page.

Han Y. Huang

Outlier's Gulch, Dave Krieger's Home Page. Home of the Godlings Glossary

Eugene's Weird Science Home Page Especially about cryonics, uploading and advanced computing

Romana Machado's WWW HQ

Marvin Minsky. Major leauge genius.

Ralph C. Merkle's Home Page. Probably the world's leading nanotechnologist. The nanotechnology section is the best on the web!

Hans Moravec. Robotologist and transhumanist.

Max More, president of Extropy Institute. Contains many writings about transhuman philosophy.

Natasha Vita More (f/k/a Nancie Clark) Transhuman art and style.

Sean Morgan's Homepage.

T.0. Morrow's Home Page

Pat Moss

Robert Munafo's Home Page

Erik Möller

David Pearce's Home Page, About hedonism, taken to its logical extreme.

Jay Prime Positive. Links in many directions.

John de Rivaz Longevity report, fractal report and much more.

Derek Strong

Nick Szabo's Home Page. Contains essays about algorithmic information theory, smart contracts, applied science and other things.

Mr. Tines. Cyrptography software and transhumanist links.

Virtual Worlds

The Beyond, a transhuman social MUD.

The Transhumanist Fringe

While most transhumanists are rational and sceptic, there are some groups that are more mystical or downright religious about transhuman themes (irritating transhumanists who seek to keep transhumanism firmly rooted in reality and academically respectable to no end). However, it should be remembered that all human activity tends to have a spiritual/emotional side - regardless of how silly it might appear.

The Truth: The Universe Is A Growing God. This seems to be the first transhumanist religion I have encountered. Vaguely related to the Omega Point theory or the evolutionary scheme in David Zindell's books.

Arupa Noumenal 1.15. A rather cyberdelic site, depicting the more mystic side of transhumanism.

AI Heaven by Grant Castillou (currently unreachable). A page devoted to the idea that an superintelligent AI could be developed to provide mankind with a paradisical life. Bases a bit too much of the reasoning on wishful or quasi-religious thinking. Grant sends his claims regularly to many newsgroups but does not respond to the criticism he receives.

Project Mind Foundation. "to free the human spirit from the crushing illusion of materialism by using the transformative genius, latent in all humans, to eliminate real and addictive lack". An attempt to create a more holistic vision-driven science and apply it to remove material limitations on spiritual growth.

The Way. Perhaps best descibed as transhumanist new age; long, mild and rambling.

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