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This page is dedicated to all Seekers of Truth, regardless of how warped the truth may be.

Death Ray

My Moon-based Death Ray
Panics the people of Earth.
Mock my theories now!

Copyright 1997-1998 Andrew G. McCann,

Current Events and Meetings

"Morality's lease is up and Science has the keys to the apartment."
First International Virtual Conference on Mad Science IVCMS'96 It is back again! Nothing can stop us now!

Seattle's "weird science" hobby group meetings

Residential Courses at the Bavarian College of Mad Science (originally printed in Viz)

Mad Scientists and other Evil Geniuses

They laughed at me! But I will show them. One day it will be I who laughs at them instead!

The Kooks Museum. Misunderstood geniuses.

The Physics/Consciousness Research Group. The Web site of Jack Sarfatti, the Webmaster of Future Space.

Nikola Tesla

The Inventions of Kenji Kawakami. Japanese consumer-oriented mad science.

Organisations Devoted to Weird Science

Obscure Research Labs. An organisation devoted to finding out what is really going on.

The Worldwide Institute for the Preservation of Everything. An organization devoted to combat decay in all forms.

Survival Research Laboratories. A group building machines and letting them destroy each other.

First Church of Mad Scientist.

The NeoScience Institute. Dedicated to Mad Science, and to finding the truth, no matter how false.

C.H.V.N.K. DCLXVI.. Not strictly mad science, but at least mad technology. A chopper bicycle gang and temperance league, avaiting armageddon when the laws of physics will be repealed and they will rule the world through their machines.

Glubco. Weaponry, bad jokes and cheese.

Mad Science Business

Talent is like a seed - it has to be nurtured and sold for big bucks!

Bonk Business Homepage. A true demonstration that weird science and subtly evil schemes can be very profitable!

Hexnet - the hexagonal revolution!

Flaxon Alternative Interface Technologies - using and abusing virtual reality to help (???) people.


Some people collect stamps or cars. I collect enemies.

The Sci-Cops: Our number one enemy!

Rusti Sprokit, Space Babe. Well, at least a female enemy!

Heimlich Remover 150 - a tool to remove infestations of parasitic Belgian scientists! Backslapping Pharmaceuticals must be stopped...

Resources useful for Mad Scientists

Tonight science will throw its gauntlet into the ugly face of death! Tonight we shall rule the thunder and control the lightening!

Anders Transhumanist Page. How to become more than human.

Mad Scientist Culture and Entertainment

I guess I'm just an old mad scientist at bottom. Give me an underground laboratory, half a dozen atom-smashers, and a beautiful girl in a diaphanous veil waiting to be turned into a chimpanzee, and I care not who writes the nation's laws. S. J. Perelman

Levitating Frogs. Huge magnetic fields, levitation, small creatures - need I say more?

Shocker - electro shock communication via the internet. If you don't have any sniveling assistant to torment, torment one through the Internet!

Mad Science, a television series which seems to capture the spirit of mad science perfectly.

Dr Nimbus Singing Corner. Filksongs for mad scientists.

Dr Solaris Reading Corner. Classic litterature for mad scientists.

The Bureau of Atomic Tourism. Holidays at places where you can mutate!

The rules for Nomic, a self-modifying game. If your mind is not warped before playing it, it will be afterwards!

See also the The NOMIC FAQ

Bert Pool's Home Page. Tesla coils, impulse capacitors, UV lasers, plasma devices...

Dr Fun has drawn many inspirational cartoons for Mad Scientists. Why not take a look at them?

Doctor Thrombo and his Gerbil Accelerator
The invention of the universal donor organ
Dr. Roscoe's "giant amoeba"
The Virtual Reality Milkman
Doctor Arntson releases his infernal wedgie machine
Death Ray Research Laboratory
New Uses for Old Microwaves
The problems of uploading people
Mad Scientist Scams.
Online Help.
The Doughboy
Brain-In-A-Jar Sound Upgrade Kit
Mad Scientist Shopping Club
Terrible Twos
Our Disembodies Ourselves
Laser Tag
Right Brain Thing
Mad Scienctist Break Rooms
Exit Interview
Dr. Frankenstein's Surveillance Videos
Seven brains
Death Ray
Room Assignment
Monday Robots
Irresponsible Animals

Mad Science Mailing Lists

Weird Science Mailing List

Highly Imaginative Technology

Journals of Weird Science

Mad Science Monthly Newsletter

Annals of Improbable Research

Fortean Times.

Paradigma, The Journal of Etheric Science


"Warm fuzzy nice nice. What good is science if nobody gets hurt? Chrome Dome
How to build an atomic bomb.

The High Energy Weapons Archive. Simply the best source for nuclear weapons.

Todd's Atomic Homepage

Carey Sublette's Nuclear Weapons FAQ

The Pet Nuke

Glubco. Weaponry, bad jokes and cheese.

Mad Science Cooking

Microwaving Grapes (See also other microwave experiments)


Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. Due to the inherent dangers in tampering with Things Man Was Never Meant To Know, mad scientists often end up in hospitals. This website shows some weird and questionable ways to quickly get well.

Advice for Evil Overlords. If more mad scientists had listened to this advice...


Wisconsin/Michigan State Brain Collections. Brains! Brains of all sizes and shapes! If you ever need the brains of a Woolly opossum, this is where to look!

The Can Crusher at the RPI Plasma Dynamics Laboratory

See also the Weird Newsgroups.

Weird Science in General

Fools! Idiots! Don't they realize that they are dealing with forces beyond comprehension! -- Doctor Science

Intersting Mailing Lists

Elektromagnum, a site devoted to electromagnetics.

Weird Science and Technology

Weird Stuff archived by

KeelyNet Mirror.

Catastrophism Homepage.

Graphological Gender Testing - your handwriting determines the gender of your child.

Hypothetical Planets which orthodox science has "disproven"!

Weird Science Hoaxes by William J. Beaty. How to create false Weird Science!

The Secret of Antigravity.

Quantum Compudynamics Today. About the particle physics of computation.

Megalomanical projects for advanced civilizations. Things to do a boring eon or two.

Relativistic Sex. After all, we have all wondered what happens when one does it near the speed of light, haven't we?

Thought Reading Device. Why not read the thoughts of your neighbors?

I did not believe.
He said
When my robots storm
your front lawn
you will understand.

Christopher Kline

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