Using the CH in stories

The Convivo Holmiensis could easily form the basis for a chronicle. One of the most obvious ways would be to have the player characters begin at the chantry as apprentices, and then try to advance into the hierarchy (this is essentially the "Retainers of a chantry" chronicle idea). Gradually they learn about the chantry and the quirky mages inside, and begin to understand some of its dark secrets.

Another use would be to let mages from another chantry visit the CH. Its not entirely forgotten by others, and some mages may even have visited it once. Certain traditions encourage young apprentices to travel to distant chantries to learn other perspectives on magick. Scandinavia is still very rich in magickal power, and what better place to start an expedition but CH, and its world-renowned library about Nordic magick? Another possibility would be that the characters are sent to secretly investigate about the death of Ernst Prahler: was it really a paradox backlash? In this case they have to pose as travelling mages or diplomats, while secretly trying to find out what really happened.

A third possibility would be to have the CH as enemy. Maybe the characters try to create a new chantry in Stockholm, something many of the more conservative mages would dislike intensely. The players could be members of the Consociato Upsaliensis, trying to stave of the approach of Stockholm mages, the Verbena and Technocracy. Or maybe the characters are technomancers, trying to find and eliminate the tenacious mages of Stockholm. And what about the renegade Rosicrucians? Do they still exist?

Story Ideas

There is something rotten... : The players come upon some of the old secrets certain mages want to keep hidden. It could be the renegade Rosicrucians, or the transgressions of Prahler... or his death. Will they preservere digging in old scandals, even if the Masters disapprove and unknown mages try to sabotage the investigations? And is the truth more important than the continued functioning of the chantry?

The Quest for Tass: The chantry is low on Quintessence, and the supply is slowly strangled by the Technocracy. The characters must find new sources... somewhere. The problem is of course that the ley-lines and nodes of Stockholm has all been exploited by the Technocracy. Or are there some left? The players may have to find creative and dangerous solutions to find the Quintessence.

God and Plasma: Will Professor Hannes Alfven of the School of Polhem defect? The Masters want to know, and want the characters to investigate. Its dangerous, since the Technocracy watches his every move, but could be worth it. His theories about fusion could mean a renaissance of cheap and safe energy... and unlimited Quintessence released from the fusion reactions. They could also spell the doom of reality as we know it, if one is to believe a series of prophetic nightmares which haunt Master Keijser. He thinks a working fusion reaction might burn through the Horizon and start a chain reaction where reality unravels into Quintessence. Alfven would only laugh at the prospect, and point to the fact that fusion is self-limiting. Is the professor an ally, or is he more dangerous than everybody thinks? And how will the White Brothers deal with a man who sees Quintessence, the essence of the One, as something which could be described by second-order partial differential equations and controlled with magnetic fields?

The King is dead, long live...? : The Alderman finally dies. Who will succeed him? Nämdeman Söderberg is the logical and formal successor, but nobody likes him. The Conservatives wants one of their own as Alderman, or at least a controllable Alderman. On the other hand, they would never risk doing anything unethical and the only formally correct way they could get one of their own close to the office is by having the Magister or Forcemaster step down, an administrative impossibility. And the choice of a new Nämdeman of the Guild of Mercury is even worse. There is no candidate anybody wants. The young and radical mages see their chance, and the Virtual Adepts of Null Pointer will support them in their bid for renewal... which will make all the Masters join together against them. This is war, waged with rules, old statutes, formalism and diplomacy. The winner will be the one who can bend the rules without breaking them.

Stockholm by Night: Of some reason, the vampires of Stockholm has taken an interest in the mages. Various factions of vampiric society try to gain power over the mages or the cabals, using them as pawns against each other and their enemies. This can range from subtle manipulations of individuals over threats to direct attacks and the Blood Bond. The mages don't know much about vampires, but the vampires seems to know a lot about the mages... or do they? The mages must survive the secret game where they don't know the rules, can't see the players and don't know the goals.

The Heart of Darkness: A member of the chantry has been incautious, and the Technocracy has arrested him. All available resources must be used to prevent them from learning about the identity of the other mages and the chantry. The players have to journey into the grey and cold heart of the city to find their friend, before it is too late.

A Matter of Public Opinion: The characters become involved in the latest Technocracy attempt to strengthen their control over the city and its inhabitants. It could be a new highway, which would seal off most of the city from any natural source of Quintessence. It could be the public demand for a safer city and more law and order which will lead to a stronger police and more surveillance. It could be the proposed railway, which would re-route the Quintessence of the chantry directly to Downtown. The characters have to avert the danger, by manipulating public opinion, cutting through red tape and somehow overcome the bureaucracy. And somewhere out there among the faceless experts and politicians, the Technocracy waits...

Nature Holiday: What about the rural areas of Sweden? There are many mysteries even the Swedish mages don't know about. Does the faeries still live in the deep forests? Why does the Technocracy have such problems with the area around Sundsvall? What are the Void Engineers doing around Kiruna? What about the sightings of strange wolves in Jämtland? What is the real cause of the "Russian submarines" in the archipelago of Stockholm? And does paganism still survive in some backwaters? The characters may not like the answers...

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