Important Members of the Chantry

Guild of Mercury

The Guild is the most traditional, and most members support the old customs. Through the years the differences between the White Brothers and hermetic mages have vanished, and they work fine together. The main problem with the guild is that it has become quite lethargic, and leave most problem for the political fraction. After the coup against Staaf the guild flowered under the Aldermen Krook and Prahler. But after Prahlers death 1975 the Alderman and his Nämdemän have become more politicians and bureaucrats than mages. The Alderman is slowly dying, his successor is almost a technocrat, the two most powerful mages are old and unwilling to deal with politics and there are no reasonable successors.

Alderman Björn Adelswärd

Master Adelswärd is an old alchemist, a fellow student with Ernst Prahler under their master Lars Ståhlbrand (who was the leader of the Consociato Upsaliensis in Uppsala 1850-1890). He spent a long time down on the continent, but returned just before the death of Prahler. He became Nämdeman and suddenly Alderman without really wanting it, forced by circumstances. He has however carried his burden well, despite his own weariness.

The Alderman is frail, sickly man with a body of sharp angles and pale skin stretched over his bones. His hair is thin and black, his sunken eyes are always in shadow and he dresses in grey clothes which seem just to hang on him. His age is indeterminate. Actually he looks like a living skeleton, which is not far from the truth. He seldom speaks, preferring to cast his unsettling gaze at people who ask him things. When he speaks, it is in a low and rasping voice and he prefers not to say too much. Most of the time he prefers the isolation of his rooms, and only emerges for official functions.

All his life he has sought ways to understand the Technocracy and to find ways to avoid confrontations with it. He is no longer interested in magick per se, but in how the Technocracy could be balanced. At the same time he is secretly burdened by feelings of guilt, both because of his actions (he always remembers his mistakes, regardless how small), because of his failure as mage and Alderman, because of the suspicion that he has benefited from the death of Prahler and because of his inability to prevent his own death. He can sit for days in his chamber just staring emptily into the air.

His familiar, Nero is a huge black dog. He is highly intelligent, loyal to his master and hateful to anybody who dislikes him. Most mages try to avoid him, except the Magister who Nero actually fears instead. Most of the time he lies at the feet of his master anyway.

Roleplaying tips: Move and speak as little as possible. Keep a sharp eye on anybody speaking.

Quote: "This meeting... of the Guilds... is hereby closed."

Concept: Isolated, Paranoid Leader
Essence: Pattern
Nature: Martyr
Demeanour: Loner
Cabal: Politicians

Master of Matter and Forces. He has numerous magickal substances in small vials in his office, some with quite dramatic effects. His longevity potion is however failing him.

Magister Tiberius de Wrang

Tiberius is a handsome man, apparently in his late forties. He is very long, with sharp eyes and slightly greying hair at his temples. He usually dresses in conservative strict, dark clothes outside the chantry. He always carries a black stick, giving him an air of a gentleman from old times. Inside the chantry or in ceremonial circumstances he wears a silk robe the colour of blood. He gives a strict impression, sometimes autocratic and arrogant, but usually more like an old teacher. He never humbly asks for anything, he order people around or explain in no uncertain terms what he wants. In fact, he often talks to people as if they where spirits imprisoned in his triangle.

Tiberius is older than he looks. In reality he is over 150 years old. He was born into a noble family, and spent his youth studying at first the military arts, then turned to the liberal arts to the irritation of his family who expected him to become an officer. Instead he spent his time in intellectual or occult circles, devouring philosophy, esoterica and art with an impressive zeal. He was approached by a Goetic master, a fairly weak and slightly mad figure, who he soon became apprentice to. Soon the brash young mage surpassed his master in skill and power, something the old man never forgave him.

Tiberius was one of the most active mages in the coup against Staaf, although he preferred to avoid attention. He let Mr. and Mrs Krook get most of it, and their secret triumvirate was the real power behind the newfounded chantry (It was in fact Tiberius who manipulated things to that the chantry would use the old statutes and not write new ones). He has retained the good relationship with their son, who he often behaves a bit fatherly towards (Richard usually vehemently protests such behaviour). They spend much time in friendly arguments about ethics and philosophy.

It may appear a bit strange that Tiberius is not Alderman despite his power and experience. This is mainly the fault of Prahler. Under the leadership of Prahler, Tiberius found himself confronted with an equally powerful and devious mage, who made it clear who was Alderman and who was not. However, they had an unspoken agreement to let Tiberius succeed him as Alderman when his time had come. However, when the old Magister died Tiberius was asked to temporarily replace him until a permanent Magister could be found. At the same time Adelswärd became Nämdeman of the Guild of Mercury. Then the Alderman died unexpectedly, Adelswärd found himself new Alderman and Tiberius was suddenly trapped as Magister since the new Alderman didn't appoint a new one. Quite naturally he dislikes the current Alderman, but hides it well. He has also resigned himself to his political fate, having realised that he is searching for real power, not petty politics. One of his current goals is to gain peerage in the Umbral Court.

Throughout the years Tiberius has done much and learned even more. Through his deals with different beings he have gained both power and wealth, but it doesn't interest him very much. Instead he wants to learn the innermost secrets of the spirit-world and its denizens. However, his age is slowly gaining on him despite the strategic pacts he has made which has retained his youth. But now he feels that age, hubris and his old mistakes are slowly gaining on him, and to escape them he might need to make much darker deals than he is used to. Some powerful beings have already made him offers, and he is secretly afraid he will not be able to resist them. If he would become corrupt, he could easily drag the entire chantry with him.

Tiberius has an false official identity as an artist. He lives in a grand apartment with a studio where he indulges in his hobby, sculpture. He is in fact a quite good artist, and his statues are remarkable pieces of art. Several decorate the chantry, ranging from the disturbing guardian demons flanking the entrance to the Ceremony Room to the beautiful angels he has made for the Chapel. Although he regards use of Matter magick as cheating, he sometimes takes a few shortcuts. He had an assistant for quite some time in his studio, until the young man was killed by a demonic force. Tiberius has done his best to hide and forget the sordid affair, but Master Krook still remembers and is secretly worried.

Roleplaying tips: Talk in an old-fashioned or ceremonial way when you get irritated or the matter is important. If the players are sitting down, stand and tower above them. However, most of the time behave like an 19th century gentleman. Nero: Growl and threaten.

Quote: "This is your duty, as acknowledged in your Oath to the Chantry and your Guild. Do not fail or tarry!"

Concept: Power-mage
Essence: Questing
Nature: Avant Garde
Demeanour: Traditionalist
Cabals: Conservatives , Philosophers

Master of Forces, Spirit and Correspondence, Adept of several spheres. His personal library is huge, and contains many very rare tomes about the spirit world. His staff is a Mind-talisman giving him the ability to bend others to his will, dominate people or resist mental attacks. He has also several other talismans, not to mention many spirits imprisoned in jars or crystals. His main spiritual contact is the demon Vassago, who shares his thirst for ultimate knowledge.

Forcemaster Richard Krook

Richard is an old man with white hair, a deeply furrowed brow and a gentle personality. He is usually informally dressed and dislike formalia, but when he has to he wears his ceremonial robes with great charisma. When he appears as Forcemaster in formal matters, clad in pure white and surrounded by the nimbus of his office, he is an impressive man and behaves much more forcefully. He is a friendly and warm person, who would rather be a normal priest than a master magician. He likes to sit in parks and just watch or talk to people.

He is the son of Oscar and Signe Krook, and has grown up in the chantry. After being initiated into the White Brotherhood he left the chantry to act as a priest like his father. He soon realised that being a priest put a barrier between himself and the people he loved, so he started to work directly among the sleepers instead. During this time he was more a member of the Consociatio Upsaliensis than his old chantry. When the previous Forcemaster died, he was called back to the chantry and unhappily became Forcemaster. He is however an excellent Prime mage, and would be a perfect Forcemaster if he only could learn enough Correspondence. Currently he has to discreetly ask the Virtual Adepts for help in certain matters.

Richard has a peculiar relationship with Tiberius, who he sees a bit like a father-figure. Tiberius has been there all his life, both threatening and fascinating. They spend much time together, being the oldest mages at the chantry and have very different philosophies. Richard feels that Tiberius is risking his soul with his magick and cynical attitudes, and constantly keeps an watchful eye on him.

Richard is very observant, and generally knows what is going on. He has a tendency to see everything from a mystical standpoint, which makes it a bit hard to understand what he has realised. His mystical attitude also makes him appear oddly unmoved by pain and evil, he seems to regard it as natural as everything else. He just realises that it is a necessary part of creation, which should be fought but is not wrong in itself. He has come to the conclusion that Satan just does his work since he was created by God just in order to provide an opposite of good.

In fact, Richard is close to an epiphany which would once and for all move him above the paradigm of his tradition. He understands this on a deep level, but his love for the chantry, his tradition and the sleepers around him holds him back from taking the next step. He realises that if he advances further, he will no longer be able to hold office as Forcemaster, and since he lacks any worthy apprentice, the chantry would suffer. So his kindness and love holds him back from the path to Ascension.

Roleplaying tips: Never interrupt anybody, and speak in a low and warm tone. Always try to make others feel at home.

Quote: "Yes, I know what you mean. Let me tell you what I did when I was an apprentice..."

Concept: Priest
Essence: Pattern
Nature: Conformist
Demeanour: Caregiver
Cabals: Conservatives, Philosophers

Master of Prime and Mind. He wears a small crucifix in the form of a simple cross, which is a protective talisman he was given by his mother. It helps the wearer resist any destructive magick.

Nämdeman Gustaf Söderberg

Söderberg is a Rosicrucian, and responsible for the links of the chantry to various Masonic lodges and the local politics. He is an anonymous, efficient person who discreetly makes sure everything works. He is seldom seen, since he prefers to work from the shadows and outside the chantry. He has several acolytes and many contacts, but few friends in the chantry. When he is seen, he appears like a well dressed middle-aged gentleman with steel- rimmed glasses and conservative tie, often carrying a newspaper. He speaks formally, articulately and with absolutely no regional accent. Like the Alderman he is more of a politician than a mage. He practically never use any obvious magick except subtle Mind effects. In fact, quite a few mages regard him as little better than a technomancer.

Söderberg is both ambitious and careful. He knows that he will most probably become the next Alderman, and desires the office. At the same time he is very careful to give a good impression and protect the chantry. He is discreetly helping just about every fraction, making them dependent on him. Since the Alderman is often too weak to act, Söderberg has taken upon himself to act in his place. Few mages have realised how much power he has and how important he is for the safety of the chantry. He is however vary of Magister de Wrang and the Forcemaster, who are his only rivals. He regards the rest of the mages as fairly uninteresting and not any danger to his plans.

Roleplaying tips: Speak in a correct and educated way, sometimes close to bureaucratese. Try to make a good impression without being too friendly.

Quote: "As you can see on this diagram, our chantry has recently been subjected to severe financial stresses. My proposal is that we form a crisis committee, led by Treasurer Fjällström of course, to look into possible solutions both for the short- and long-range investment problems. Any questions?"

Concept: Politician
Essence: Pattern
Nature: Plotter
Demeanour: Conformist
Cabal: Politicians

Master Simon Keijser

Simon is a placid, thoughtful cabalist who prefers to sit and sleep in the library more than get involved with things. He is a smallish, slightly plump man with glasses who generally gives the impression of a sleepy squirrel. He is practically always found with a book or two, usually asleep in a comfortable chair. In fact, he has begun to develop his skills at using his magick in dreams, and he often get fascinating visions during his sleep. Why stay awake?

Although he is lethargic when it comes to chantry politics, he is very involved in environmental questions which seems to be the only thing that can make him agitated. He has many friends in environmental organisations outside the chantry. The reason for this is a series of possibly prophetic nightmares he have had about a future environmental catastrophe, where some kind of huge fireball burns through reality and scatters it like dust.

Roleplaying tips: Mumble or speak as you just had awakened from deep sleep. Look sleepy, unless the discussion deals with interesting magick or the environment.

Quote: "God as the union of polarities? Well...... that's one way of looking at the symbolism of the supernals... things are so muddy here below the Abyss..."

Concept: Dreamer
Essence: Primordial
Nature: Visionary
Demeanour: Jester
Cabal: Philosophers

Adept of Mind and Spirit. His personal library is quite advanced, and contains many rare manuscripts.

The Gesälls Simon and Adolf Henriksson

The alchemist Henriksson brothers are pupils of the late Master Prahler. He begun training the brothers, but died before finishing their education. After his death the brothers inherited his books, talismans and materials, something which has led to eternal quarrels between them. Both are in their fifties, and still fight just like small children over petty disputes.

They are quite different. Simon, the elder brother, is a blond, jovial man with heavy glasses and an insatiable curiosity. Adolf is dark haired, narrow, nervous and extremely stubborn. While Simon calmly experiments with just about everything until he grows bored, Adolf can spend months solving a problem.

Simon's speciality is chemistry in all its forms, and he is the chantry expert in technomantic chemistry. He happily experiment with both ancient and modern concepts, often combining them in odd ways. His current project is to try to create alchemically pure forms of Air, which he plans to use as a thesis to become a Master (he has piles of half finished thesises in his drawers). His laboratory is filled with pipes and vessels filled with various gasses.

Adolf is obsessed with finding a method to preserve life in the form of dry powder. He has successfully reanimated simpler animals and plants from ash, and now plans to attempt to reanimate higher forms of life as his thesis. He is very traditional, and his laboratory really looks like a classic alchemical laboratory (complete with stuffed crocodile). Beside reanimation, he is interested in the secret powers of the blood and the secrets of the Gayomart-figure ("Mortal Life") in classic Zoroastrism, who was split into the seven metals and created life with its golden seed.

Both brothers share a secret. As apprentices of Prahler they learned quite a bit about his real nature, and know that he was hardly the saint he has made out to be. In fact, he had several private projects which would have had him expelled from the chantry if they had become known to the others. After his death they destroyed the most incriminating evidence and hid much of it in the library, where the Librarian acts as a confederate in keeping the documents forgotten. In fact, the only thing which can make the brothers cooperate is the fear that somebody would find out the truth about Prahler and taint his memory.


Roleplaying tips: Be open and easy-going, always ready to calm people down and talk to them (except Adolf). Quote: "According to my research, the technomancers are using the new dental health plan to spread some kind of ribonuclease inhibitor in the schools. Don't ask me why. My analysis of the fluoride drinks shows..."

Concept: Chemist
Essence: Dynamic
Nature: Architect
Demeanour: Mediator
Cabal: Philosophers, Anti-Technomancers


Roleplaying tips: Remain silent and slightly aloof. When both brothers talk, they use ironic courtesies and veiled insults at each other.

Quote: "What my brother so eloquently tried to explain, was that..."

Concept: Dark Alchemist
Essence: Questing
Nature: Architect
Demeanour: Fanatic
Cabal: Philosophers, Conservatives

The Guild of Vulcanus

The Guild has close ties to the Ulv family, and several members of the family have been mages and many exhibit at least some signs of the Gift. Unlike the Guild of Mercury the Guild of Vulcanus function quite well, the members support each other and their Mastermechanicus, they protect the chantry and fight the Technocracy. Their main weakness is that the members are more practical than magickal, and that much of their work is closer to engineering and manipulating public opinion than magick.

Mästermechanicus Maud Juthling

Maud is an impressive woman apparently in her forties, with a freckled face, black hair and built like a bear. Her demeanour is forceful, brusque and she always speaks her mind, often to the despair of more political mages. To make things worse, her views are radical and politically incorrect.

She is the chantry expert on Life, and has devoted her considerable energy to find ways to subvert Technocracy medicine and replace it with traditional methods. Her own theories of medicine are based upon the ideas of the 30's, which stressed cold baths, exercise, sunlight and gymnastics. She is also interested in racial medicine, and have some definite views about what characteristics are inherited. The apprentices call her "Mama Hitler" behind her back.

Her laboratory looks like a cross between gym and a doctors office, with exercise equipment, cabinets filled with surgical implement and bookshelves with very radical medical theories. A big aquarium stands in a niche in the wall, with her two goldfishes Alpha and Beta, who are a demonstration of her thesis that intense sunlight (projected from a machine above the tank) can halt ageing. Both are over 40 years old and quite healthy.

Maud is often absent from the chantry, supporting alternative health groups across the nation, spreading propaganda against accepted medicine and generally doing her best to sabotage technocracy medicine. She has two acolytes, one homeopathic doctor and a trainer which help her in her work. At the chantry she usually tests some of her new theories and leads the exercise group (all mages are welcome to join, although most have declined. The Weaponsmaster and his guildhosts participate).

Roleplaying tips: Look sharply at people, and point out their need for exercise or that they should stop drinking/smoking etc. Usually talk a little bit too loud, and interrupt anyone you disagree with.

Quote: "You certainly look like you need some exercise. That stomach is a disgrace for your Scandinavian blood!"

Concept: Fitness Fanatic
Essence: Questing
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanour: Bravo
Cabal: Anti-Technomancers

Master of Matter and Adept of Life.

Weaponsmaster Mats Ulv

Mats was about to start a promising military career when he felt his family and the chantry calling to him. He returned, and Maud decided he had the potential to become an excellent Weaponsmaster. Unfortunately, Mats turned out to be less than a good mage, and never managed to advance very far. However, he was awarded the office, and has turned out to be a good Weaponsmaster despite his weak magick.

Mats is long and powerfully built. He has blond, crew-cut hair and blue eyes unlike the rest of his family (he has used some minor Life magick to change them). His behaviour is very military, and he mercilessly drills the guild hosts to make them prepared for any eventuality. He is quite fanatic about protecting the chantry, and several of the mages regards him as quite nutty. On the other hand, everyone agrees he is simply the best weaponsmaster they have ever had (except maybe Göran Fäktare, who was Weaponsmaster of the chantry around 1600 and died valiantly defending it from the Technocracy).

Mats have definite views on about everything, but usually keeps quiet unlike his mentor. He is convinced that the Guild of Bacchus is a bad influence, and generally suspects the Virtual Adepts of being up to something. Most of the mages of the chantry are too civilian, and they don't seem to realise that discipline and efficiency is the only way to keep the chantry strong. He supports Maud in every matter, and its hardly a secret that he would like to have her as Alderman.

Roleplaying tips: Behave like an officer. Give orders to lower ranked people, and take orders from your superiors. When asked something, answer correctly and truthfully.

Quote: "Immediately, Sir!"

Concept: Marine
Essence: Questing
Nature: Fanatic
Demeanour: Director
Cabals: Anti-Technomancers, Individualists

Master Nils Ulv

Nils is a middle-aged man with glasses hanging precariously on his nose, grey hair and his pockets full of tools, instruments or documents. He is constantly on the watch for the Technocracy and its nefarious schemes, wherever or whatever they may be. He has discovered how the Technocracy plan to drain the Old City of Quintessence through a new system of railway tracks, the real reason they are fluoridating the water, the dangers of radiation from power lines, what chemicals are put in the junk food and how they use television to brainwash people. In fact, he is completely, clinically insane. However, while most other mages think he is a trifle too paranoid, they haven't realised this. His predictions and theories are far too often right.

Nils lab is filled with maps, instruments and documents where he plots all sorts of data, ranging from background radiation and Quintessence levels to the amount of rainfall per capita. He is constantly reading the papers and watching the news (through his shielded television set, which detects attempts of mind control), hunting to the latest attacks from the Technocracy. He is fairly convinced that they are planning to strangle the Quintessence inside the city by their latest highway projects, and that they somehow are using noise in phone lines to subtly reprogram the brains of people.

Roleplaying tips: Search out anybody willing to listen, and demonstrate your latest ideas. Always be careful to make sure who is listening, and never fully trust anybody.

Quote: "Did you know what they put in the water? I made an analysis of it... "

Concept: Conspiracy Theorist
Essence: Dynamic
Nature: Paranoid
Demeanour: Visionary
Cabal: Anti-Technomancers

Master Lars-Erik Ulv

Lars-Erik looks like the archetypal senior engineer, and usually dresses in lab coat or a grey suit. He is hyperactive, always planning his latest project and telling anybody willing to listen about his theories, wildly gesticulating with his unlit pipe (he only smokes when in deep thinking). He is also the representative from the Convivo Holmiensis when dealing with the School of Polhem, which he occasionally secretly meet at the Royal Institute of Technology. Both sides find these meetings quite enjoyable, since they have the chance of demonstrate their ideas and don't feel the pressure of their superiors to conform to the party line.

He grew up in the chantry, and always marvelled at the power of magick and technology displayed by the Guilds. He decided to become a mage, made a record-breaking career and became one of the youngest Masters ever. However, he soon turned to more important pursuits, like machines.

Lars-Erik is fascinated with building machines out of unusual materials or using alternative effects. After designing workable computers based on light or ropes and pulleys instead of electricity, he went on building them out of fluidistors and later turbulent flows in water. His latest model is a quite powerful computer which consists of butane gas flowing inside Plexiglas pipes. Beside this, he has also built a prism separating different resonances of quintessence and a lightbulb which runs on ether.

Roleplaying tips: Speak a lot about your latest ideas, with frequent sidetracks from the subject into other, equally interesting ideas. Interrupt anyone if you get a new idea, and explain it to them.

Quote: "You see, by setting up a strong electric field through the mesh, I can form a temporary imprint of the structure. This won't interact with anything else, but if properly aligned, it will refract coherent covalence into a spectrum. Wait till you see the looks on the faces of the Polhemites!"

Concept: Inventor
Essence: Dynamic
Nature: Visionary
Demeanour: Visionary
Cabals: Anti-Technomancers, Individualists

Gesäll Levi Haugen (Pyramid)

Levi is a young man around 30, with long dark hair and deep, brown eyes which are always in shadow. He usually dresses quite informally in dirty jeans and t-shirts. His right lower arm is an advanced prosthesis, and he often disconnects his hand and links it directly into his computers instead. Levi was on his way to become an engineer when an accident cut off his arm. He became involved in some early experiments with myoelectrical prothesises and biofeedback. During these experiments he learned not only how to control his arm but also how to control other machines in his vicinity. The Virtual Adepts noticed him, and snatched him away from Iteration X. He has since then been involved in research on better prothesises and development of simple cybernetics.

His is the first Virtual Adept to be admitted by the Convivo Holmiensis, and it required quite a bit of political manoeuvring from the Guild of Vulcanus to convince the Guild of Bacchus to support them against the Guild of Mercury who was against the admission. Although Haugen is trusted by the Guild of Vulcanus and accepted by the Guild of Bacchus, several members of the Guild of Mercury (mainly the Conservatives) distrust him as a potential Technocracy spy and do their best to avoid him. Levi doesn't care, and does his best as a link between his tradition and the chantry. He has decided not to attempt to become a Master of the chantry, instead concentrating on more important plans, together with Null Pointer.

Levi is responsible for the computers of the chantry. Although there are one or two personal computers at the Guild of Vulcanus, he runs the mainframes from his room where he lives among (and in) them. Normally he is apparently half asleep in a swivelling sofa, with his right arm linked into a tangle of cables and connectors, his left hand in a VR-glove and his head covered with a VR-helmet. Inside the Web he appears as Pyramid, a huge agglomeration of technology forming a pyramid with a glowing eye of chrome.

Levi has a small kitten, Quantum, who usually sleeps in his lap. She is apparently the only living being which he shows any affectation for, and they are inseparable. The weird kitten often behaves as if she was linked to the Web, and she has an uncanny tendency to do what Levi wants before even he knows it. Often she just sits and looks at invisible objects, occasionally touching them with her paw. She also have the odd tendency to appear in the most inaccessible places, with no indication of how she got there.

Roleplaying tips: Move your hands as if they were handling objects or menus in Virtual Reality (put a glove or something on your right hand, preferably with a few connectors or wires). Look out into space, without seeing people. Quantum: Play otherworldly kitten. Chase virtual mice.

Quote: "Look at the screen to the right... see anything yet? There. This is your new identity."

Concept: Handicapped dreamer.
Essence: Dynamic
Nature: Director
Demeanour: Survivor
Cabal:I Individualists

His computer room is filled with electronics, and contains quite a few Virtual Adept talismans. Several protect the installation from being traced or damaged (all fire in the room will be extinguished by a narrow beam of halone, backup batteries store electricity for several days etc.). It also ties into a lot of different networks, and can access files on many government computers.

Apprentice Christoffer Ryger

Ryger is a (former) apprentice of Master Nils. He is a silent young man with an unkempt appearance and a furtive, scared demeanour. He is seldom seen except at nights, when he might be surprised prowling the corridors of the chantry with a pile of papers. Usually he quickly darts to his room and locks the door if seen.

Most of the inhabitants of the chantry have rarely seen him, and most regard him as completely insane. The only one he has any real contact with is Master Nils, who he sometimes silently helps. He absolutely refuses to engage in conversation, and usually just talks in single words. Even that is enough to drive him back to his room, a small chamber on the second floor whose door he always keeps locked and hidden behind a frayed drapery.

Christoffer is quite busy reading every paper and magazine he can get his hands upon, scanning for strange events, misspellings or just patterns in the layout. He has collected a huge amount of clippings about weird events, which he keeps in jars and piles. He is in fact studying how reality may malfunction or distort, and what causes it. He is desperately afraid of saying too much about anything, since it might cause reality to change. He is hunted by his powerful Avatar, which manifests as synchronicities and weirdness. He is uncertain if he is going insane, are about to discover something big or just used as a plaything for the Powers That Be.

Roleplaying tips: Look nervously at everyone. Fidget a bit if someone looks at you, and try to avoid their gaze. Don't speak.


Concept: Lazlo from "Real Genius"
Essence: Primordial
Nature: Visionary
Demeanour: Loner
Cabal: Individualists

Guild of Bacchus

The Guild of Bacchus is the newest guild, and has so far not been able to fit in very well. Originally the Children of Bacchus (Cult of Ecstasy) had their own chantry, located in the bohemian quarters of the city. But during the 60's the Technocracy drove them away, demolished the area and built their own city-core. The homeless mages were invited by Prahler to the Convivo Holmiensis, and joined the chantry as the Guild of Bacchus in 1970. After the death of Prahler the Guild have struggled to retain its status and acceptance against the conservative forces of the chantry.

The older mages from the previous chantry has mainly left or died off (their previous Nämdeman, Chris Fjällström, died of an overdose heroin a few years back). The main goal of the current mages are to become fully accepted by the chantry, but are forced to compromise their philosophy and lifestyle. Unfortunately most members are individualists, and the personal conflicts are slowly escalating.

Nämdeman Kurt Fjällström

Kurt is a middle aged man with a tired appearance. Using simple Life magick he keeps himself somewhat in shape, but he is feeling rather worn out. He has long brown hair in a horse-tail, a very high and pale brow and he usually dresses in black, all which combine to give him an impressive, moody appearance.

Kurt grew up in the Klara chantry, and was the son and student of Chris. When they moved to Convivo Holmiensis he followed and became apprentice. He was the first of the Children of Bacchus who managed to become Gesäll and Master, and he had to fight all the way against traditions and prejudices. This have made him quite critical against the old rules, and he has several times been cited for his comments about them. He is not on friendly terms with the conservative groups in the Guild of Mercury, while the more radical mages (especially the Virtual Adepts) like him. When his father died, he was the only Master of the Guild, and automatically became Nämdeman despite his views of the organisation. He also became Treasurer due to an accident. The previous Treasurer (Master Simon Keijser) relinquished his office since he felt that he was not capable enough, and proposed that somebody with stronger ties to sleeper society should become taxmaster. Right then Kurt arrived at the meeting, half an hour late and carrying a pile of money he had won on Poker. Now he does his best as Treasurer, but he has realised that the finances of the chantry are almost a joke. He will need a financial miracle to pay all the bills.

Kurt likes to use magick and to influence society (and the chantry) on a large scale, but he has noticed that he more and more have become a politician. To get anything done he always has to argue, convince and manipulate the other mages, which he really detests. He has realised that he has become a part of the system he hates, and he can't break free.

As a mage, he is very skilled at Time and Entropy, and since these spheres are quite underrepresented at the chantry he has gained quite a reputation for them. He gladly teaches these spheres, but he is not a very good pedagogue. Another problem is that time around him seems to behave irregularly. He can never keep time, he always arrives too early or too late. No exact measurements of time around him are possible (which has made him somewhat unwelcome at the laboratories of the Guild of Vulcanus). The truth is that he is creating the effects himself, to hide his past. Nobody suspects anything, but he secretly fears that somebody will discover some dark secret of his. This secret is apparently so dark, that he is prepared to do anything to hide it.

Roleplaying tips: Look morose when dealing with chantry or mundane matters. When having a party or using magick, look happier and happier, until you become distinctly scary.

Quote: "Calm down everybody... we certainly won't get anything done this way!"

Concept: Bohemian
Essence: Dynamic
Nature: Rebel
Demeanour: Bon Vivant
Cabals: Individualists, Politicians

Master of Time and Entropy. He often wears an useful talisman: a pair of very cool sunglasses which always makes sure he can see well (despite any hangovers or darkness).

Master Carina Edgarth

Carina is a striking woman; she has long blond hair, a laughing face and is almost a head taller than most people around her. She usually wears colourful clothes, their colours changing depending on her mood. Her familiar, a parrot named Alkibaldes, usually perches shoulder.

Carina became master just recently, after much trouble. She was handicapped both by her sex, her Guild and her youth, and had great trouble with the rigid bureaucracy of the chantry. Her early studies was done at Uppsala , but to become a Master she had to work at the chantry. Her thesis (a subtle effect involving Time and patterns) didn't pass the first time, since she didn't follow the arcane rules about the exact formalism of a Masters thesis. She eventually managed (supported by much lobbying from Kurt) to convince the other Masters, and she became the currently youngest master of the chantry.

Carina is a very determined woman with unconventional methods. She completely refuses to follow conventions, which usually leads to trouble. Her main ambition is to become recognised, but she also tries to convey her vision of the beauty of life, which she constantly seeks to express through her magick and music. She sees infinite beauty and elegance in every breath, and regards living as an exquisite pleasure and art. Unfortunately she cannot explain it very well outside music, and few of the mages at the chantry understands her. Her main practical goal is to give Stockholm back some of the vitality stolen by the Technocracy, but she has gradually begun to realise the magnitude of the task.

Her views on the other mages are mixed. She really likes Kurt, but dislikes him for his involvement in politics and intrigue. She regards Peter as a whining brat without knowledge and control. She also has a long standing grudge against the Guild of Mercury, especially the Magister, since her fight for her thesis.

She is also in contact with a group of mages known as the Children of Odin (Odins Barn), a group of asatru-mages near Uppsala. She is in fact a partial member of their circle, something she carefully hides from the rest of Convivo Holmiensis. The Children are one of the few groups of mages she feels truly understands the beauty of life, and there she can show her true self without having to follow the unspoken conventions of her chantry. She has also learned some blood based Life magick from them. Its certainly not like the Swedenborgian theories taught at the chantry.

Alkibaldes is an impressive ara-parrot. He attentively listens to everything said in the vicinity, and happily repeats the most embarrassing or stupid utterances, usually when the originator is present. Alkibaldes and Nero dislike each other intensely, and the parrot often taunts the big dog which snaps at it at every opportunity.

Roleplaying tips: Speak your mind about anything. Use big, dramatic gestures, preferably accompanied by music or sound effects. Alkibaldes: Look sharply at everyone, and never give up a stare-down contest. When you feel people are ignoring you, attract their attention by screeching or retelling something stupid they have said.

Quote: "Do you feel it? Do you feel how the rhythm reverberates within your cells? Do you feel how it resonates with power and life?"

Concept: Radical Musician
Essence: Primordial
Nature: Architect
Demeanour: Bon-Vivant
Cabal: Individualists

Adept of Time and Life. Her synthesiser is a talisman, able to do fantastic sound effects and distortions of sound.

Apprentice Peter Svec

Peter is one of the least liked mages of the chantry. The only reason for his membership was that the mages wanted to keep a close eye on him.

Peter is an Orphan mage. He grew up in a completely normal and boring middle class family in the suburbs, and revolted violently as a teenager. He did just everything he could to rebel against society, and became juvenile delinquent just to show how little he cared. Apparently he awoke when a few of his "friends" forced him into a bad LSD trip. Suddenly he saw through all the illusions around him, and realised that behind the comfortable confines of normal reality existed only eternal darkness and chaos. The revelation almost drove him insane for several days, until he managed to pull himself together and ask the big question: "So what?".

Soon afterwards he became involved with some occult and Satanist groups. He slowly came to the conclusion that reality is just a comfortable illusion erected by people afraid of accepting the truth. There is no God, no real light and nihilism is the only ethic which works. He broke out from his old friends and founded his own sect, Draco Nigris. This sect is more an urban gang than an occult group, and Peter manipulates its members ruthlessly while trying to make them understand his vision. The members regard him as more than a little crazy, but they like his ideas about "Do what thou wilt" and total freedom.

Kurt discovered the sect on a rave in the southern suburbs, and alerted the chantry. After much discussion, the leading mages decided that although Peter was an unsympathetic person, it would be better to try to make him join the chantry to provide a modicum of control and maybe even calm him a bit, than leave him and his friends for the Technocracy to find. Surprisingly Peter accepted the proposal that he join the chantry, and became formally an apprentice of Master Kurt. Unfortunately, he didn't become calmer, he didn't accept the old rules and he certainly wouldn't be controlled. He is a constant headache and embarrassment of Kurt, and the Conservatives are openly against his continued membership. He is the archetypal "Red Painted Apprentice". At the same time many mages reluctantly admit that Peter has a certain talent, and that he and his sect is a very good source of information about underground events in the southern suburbs.

Peter's philosophy haven't become brighter, but he has found a certain peace in knowing that everything will sooner or later be destroyed and return to the darkness beyond. Most of people's fears of the darkness come from the fact that it reveals the truth, nor that there are many horrors in it. He has tried to explain this to the Philosophers, but after realising they just talk over his head he has ceased to try. Richard has amusedly remarked that the vision of Peter is exactly the same as the White Brothers: his darkness which flows through everything is just the same as the divine light of the One, just seen from a different and tragic perspective. Peter refuses to comment.

He is an young man around twenty, wearing black clothes and leather with a silver necklace with a swastika inside a pentagram. He has long, brown and stringy hair and a short dirty beard. However, sometimes he appears very proper just to chock people out of their preconceptions and point out that "Satan hides among you". He tends to speak in long harangues, perhaps not very well argumented but with a certain emotional power. Most regard him as overly theathric and discreetly hope he will grow up fast.

Roleplaying tips: Try to break through all the false illusions around you to reveal the nastiness beneath. Chock people as much as possible. Talk in long, meandering harangues about the falseness and hypocrisy of everyone present.

Quote: "You think you are so smart, just because you have read a lot of fucking books, eh? Well, I'm going to tell you, mister Magister, that they aint worth shit! One day they will burn, just like everything else, including this senile chantry, and only ashes and smoke will remain! What will you do then?!"

Concept: Rebellious Nihilist
Essence: Dynamic
Nature: Conniver
Demeanour: Deviant
Cabal: Individualists

Peter uses a lot of Entropy and Spirit, but he isn't good at it.

Important Acolytes

Most servants and other staff of the chantry come from the Ulv family , who has served (or been) the mages for generations. They all have a quite distinctive look, with black hair, bushy eyebrows and yellow eyes (except for the Weaponsmaster, of course), and are generally clannish. Many show small signs of magickal or paranormal abilities, and normal people usually find them both disturbing and odd. They regard the chantry as a family matter, and tend to ignore or conveniently misunderstand orders from outsider mages they don't like.

Librarian Göran Ulv

Göran is the Librarian. He is a small, pale man with spectacles who more or less lives inside the library, where he lovingly tends the books. He speaks very softly, and dislikes all forms of noise. Heavy sounds make him start. He is distinctly nervous around women, especially bossy ones like Maud Juthling.

He has been librarian for almost all of his life, and almost never leave the library or the chantry. He feels that everything outside is threatening, chaotic and dangerous, and wants to return to his dear books, keeping everything as it should be. Changes will not be allowed, and although he is rather shy he will not hesitate to make people leave the library if they disturb it, make noise or bring electrical devices (they are not allowed in the library due to old rules).

The Henriksson brothers and Göran has secretly removed all evidence of the illegal activities of the late Alderman Prahler from the library, and hidden it in a locked cabinet in the librarian's office. Göran certainly don't want anybody to upset the natural order of the chantry by claiming the Alderman was a traitor. In the same vein he has discreetly hidden or "lost" other dangerous documents or books, especially those dealing with the renegade Rosicrucians (Master Söderberg knows about it, but remains silent).

Roleplaying tips: Hunch a bit, look short-sighted and speak very softly. Look nervous around women.

Quote: "Lets see now... yes, here it is. "Steganographia" by Tritheimus. You have to sign for it here..."

Concept: Shy Bookworm
Nature: Traditionalist
Demeanour: Caregiver
Cabal: Conservatives

Laboratorymaster Charles Husman

Charles is the Laboratorymaster, which despite the title is little more than a janitorial job. His duty is to keep the temple and laboratories tidy and well stocked with whatever they need. He is a long man in his late middle ages, usually wearing an apron or frock. He is very discreet, and seems to know exactly what the mages need for their experiments and where to find it. He has a photographic memory of the stores of the chantry of incenses, herbs, chemicals, ritual utensils and tools.

Charles has been laboratorymaster for a long time, and knows more about magick and its methods than many of the mages. He also knows exactly what the mages are doing and a fair number of the secrets of the chantry. But he is still very loyal, and wont tell anybody unless its very important. Somebody who befriends him might gain much valuable information about just about anything.

Roleplaying tips: Remain in the background, quietly drawing hermetic circles or washing the temple floor. Sometimes discreetly provide a mage with exactly the kind of tool he needs. Mutter a bit about the mess they leave.

Quote: "Next time, try using the sulphuric chalk instead. It has the same correspondences and won't leave stains".

Concept: Old Janitor
Nature: Architect
Demeanour: Conformist

Housemaster Jussi Ulv

Jussi is the patriarch of the Ulv family, a huge old man with a completely bald head carrying the immense key-ring of his office. He is respected even by the mages, who often invite him to discussions dealing with affairs of the chantry. And his relatives in the Guild of Vulcanus always support him (and vice versa). He is rather dominant and generally boss around the people of the chantry, but he is also quite good natured and would never consciously hurt somebody. Usually he can be found in the kitchen, drinking beer and giving orders.

Roleplaying tips: Tell jokes and stories, while shouting orders at your relatives. Fill out the chair as much as possible.

Quote: "Have you heard the one about the priest and the fisherman? Sten! Bring some more bottles!... where was I? Yes, the priest..."

Concept: Patriarch
Nature: Judge
Demeanour: Director
Cabal: Conservatives

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