There are two forms of cabals at the chantry. Formal cabals can be created according to the statutes, and have some administrative power. However, currently none are truly active. The last true formal cabal was the Societas Magiorum Ingenuorum Holmiensis (The Society of the Free Mages of Stockhom), formed to fight Staaf around 1900 but based on the formal cabal behind the assassination of king Gustaf III and the reign of Count Karl. It remained in existence as a honorary name for its members after the refounding of the chantry. Today only Tiberius de Wrang remains, and he seldom mentions his membership.

Other formal cabals have been the Brothers of Iron, which were active among the Guild of Vulcanus to gain influence over the mining and refining of iron and lumber, the Societas Ultima Thule, which was involved in exploration and Ordo Ascleipos, which sought to heal and cure the sleepers. Today none of them remains, although they could theoretically be formally reinstated if there were any interest.

Informal cabals are however very active, and many mages are members of several. The main groups are:

The Conservatives

This group is dominated by the Magister and the Forcemaster. The members are loyal to the old rules, and wants to make the others adhere to them. They generally regard the Alderman and the Politicians with distaste, and grumble about how the Convivo was better organised in the good old days of Prahler. They regard the addition of the Guild of Bacchus as a mistake, and are very suspicious of the Virtual Adepts.

The Politicians

This group consists of the mages involved in political manoeuvrings, both inside the chantry and outside. The main members are the Alderman, Söderberg and Kurt (i.e. most of the ruling mages). They run the chantry, and make sure it is safe, often using technomantic methods. They feel that the chantry has to be protected at any cost, and that this protection must be subtle and efficient, not locked in old traditions or rules. One way to ensure safety is to minimise conflicts with the Technocracy, so the Politicians tend to stop too dramatic attacks.

The Anti-Technomancers

This cabal, led by Maud Juthling and consisting mainly of members of the Guild of Vulcanus, fights the Technocracy in various ways. Its members usually work alone, sometimes coordinating their schemes more or less. Their methods and goals vary, but they are always non-violent and often quite subtle. Juthling is spreading alternative medicine and mistrust against normal medical care. Nils tries to divine the latest evil schemes of the enemy. Lars-Erik spreads weird science to the School of Polhem. The Politicians usually let them do what they want as long as it doesn't threaten the chantry or make the Technocracy too upset, while the Conservatives ignore them.

The Philosophers

This group consists almost exclusively of members of the Guild of Mercury, and is led by Tiberius and the Forcemaster. They gather together over a few bottles of wine and discuss matters of metaphysics, philosophy and magick, usually at a very high level. Everybody is welcome to join the discussions, but the cabal tend to talk over the heads of newcomers until the newcomers learn the complex jargon. This cabal is completely uninterested in matters of politics, and is content as long as there is interesting problems to discuss.

The Individualists

Many mages doesn't care about the other cabals goals. They form an ill-defined group of individual mages who work on their own more or less odd goals, or just try to avoid trouble. It overlaps somewhat with the philosophers. Some, like Peter Svec, try to cause trouble or make the chantry change, but the others discreetly avoid them.
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