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Jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down.
Ray Bradbury
InfoWar is a big game, the sheer amount of information might look overwhelming at first. But at its core it is intended to be a simple and flexible game, where the participants can choose to concentrate on the areas that interest them the most.

InfoWar currently assumes that players have some roleplaying experience from other games; currently there is no real introduction to roleplaying within InfoWar.

The essentials for running InfoWar are in the system section, especially how to create a character, create a cell, the skills and how to resolve actions. This is the core that is needed to actually run InfoWar. The section about templates is intended to help players to create their characters, while the research and combat sections deal with the more complex systems needed to run information gathering and fighting.

The world section describes the world of InfoWar. The timeline is a good idea to read, while the descriptions of society and the world are more in-depth descriptions of how things are. In the subsection about the involved groups, the Concordat is of course the most important text, describing the organization the characters belong to. The other groups are background material, useful for the Coordinator for setting up adventures and the setting. The descriptions of jargon, Concordat groups and people are also intended as background. However, the InfoWar and advice sections are good reading for the players (and Coordinator alike) to get an idea about the style of the game.

The technology section is large, but most information isn't needed at first. The economics section describes why the Concordat uses IOUs and how they work, credcards, digital money and the Market. The nanotech section deals with nanotechnology, from how it works over various products to its legal status. The biotech section describes what biotechnology can do, medicine, drugs and poisons. The infotech section deals with communications, computers, software and cracking. The mental tech section describes some mental skills of use for Concordat members. The surveillance section describes where surveillance can be found (everywhere), its devices, how it is used, and how to protect oneself. The robots section describes some of the robotic devices that might be of interest, from flying drones to small spy gnatbots. Various unorthodox weapons can be found in the miscellaneous section, while traditional weapons are listed and discussed in Col. Charles F. Cantrell's guide of weapons. Some additional equipment is listed in the equipment section.

The coordinator section contains information useful for the coordinator, such as some advice and adventure ideas. There are also some extra information such as lightbulb jokes, questions for the reader, links and recommended reading and some final words.

Section Importance for players Importance for Coordinator
Declaration of War Recommended Recommended
Escape Story Story
Education Story Story
Testing Story Story
Investigation Story Story
'Na Giurnata Napuletana Story Story
All These Mortal Wounds Story Story
Winner Story Story
Run Story Story
Night Story Story
Introduction Recommended Recommended
Why get involved? Recommended Background
The System
The Character Basic system Basic system
The Cell Recommended Background
Skills Basic system Basic system
Templates Recommended Ideas
Action Resolution Basic system Basic system
Research and Development Basic system Basic system
Combat Basic system Basic system
The World
Timeline Recommended Recommended
Society Useful Useful
Regions Background Recommended
The Technological Underground Background Recommended
The Concordat Recommended Important
Activists Background Recommended
Youth Groups Background Recommended
Other Groups Background Recommended
The FOG Background Recommended
Jargon Recommended Recommended
Concordat groups Background Useful
People Background
The InfoWar Recommended Recommended
Advice Recommended Recommended
Technology Recommended Recommended
Economics IOUs, Credibility and the Market: Basic System, the rest Background. IOUs, Credibility and the Market: Basic System, the rest Background.
Nanotech Background Background
Biotech Background Background
Infotech Background Background
Mental tech Background Background
Surveillance tech Background Background
Robots Background Background
Miscellaneous Background Background
Col. Charles F. Cantrell's guide of weapons Background Background
Equipment Background Background
Coordinator Section
Coordination Tips
Adventure Ideas Tips
Lightbulb Jokes Humor Humor
Questions for the reader Ideas Ideas
Links Ideas Ideas
Final Words Ideas Ideas
Story, gives some ideas about the setting
Basic System
Game mechanics
Recommended reading
Useful for understanding what is going on and how to play.
Part of the setting, describes things but isn't essential (especially if that aspect is not covered in the current campaign).
gives useful tips
useful for getting more ideas.