Col. Charles F. Cantrell's guide of weapons

The peaceable part of mankind will be continually overrun by the vile and abandoned while they neglect the means of self-defense. The supposed quietude of a good man allures the ruffian; while on the other hand, arms like laws discourage and keep the invader and the plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world, as well as propriety. The balance of power is the scale of peace. The same balance would be preserved were all the world destitute of arms, for all would be alike; but since some will not, others dare not lay them aside. Horrid mischief would ensue were one half the world deprived of the use of them; the weak will become a prey to the strong.
Thomas Paine, Thoughts on Defensive War

I have been asked many times by you on the SubNet to give my opinion about a particular weapon. Therefore I have decided to write you a guide of weapons that could be efficiently used by Concordat cells. First of all you should ask yourself why you are going to need a gun. Guns will make the police more alert of your presence, since they are illegal or restricted all over the world. They are also difficult tools to use wisely, especially if untrained, as most of you are. Always remember that guns cannot solve a situation, only brains can do it. But sometimes you could need a gun for self- defense, and as Mao Zedong said "power comes from the barrel of a rifle". We saw that he was right when the PLA massacred defenseless civilians on Tienanmen square and in Nanjing.

I have described a selection of some weapons that I think you either can get a license for (if your local FOG permits such things), find easily on the black market (no guarantees or warranties) and that are useful for self-defense. This excludes most military weapons, and frankly, you don't need bigger guns, you need to use your guns better to defend yourself.

Remember that most countries force you to have a gun camera attached to your licensed weapon to record the actual firing of the weapon. Failure to do so is punishable as a felony, according to the US Federal weapon's act.

To each weapon I have noted an IOU price. This is an approximation of what I think that gun should cost, if I were to buy it here in Dallas, TX. The actual prices vary a great deal according to supply and demand and the "legality" of the weapon.


Generally a better choice than you might think. They are cheaper than automatics, safer and simpler to use.

Smith & Wesson M640

This small revolver is one of the most popular snubnose guns. It cannot hold more than five bullets in the drum. Ammunition: .38 Special. Price: 100

Smith & Wesson M686

A magnum revolver still used by some police forces in the US. Ammunition: .357 M. Price: 115

Colt Python

This gun often competes with the Smith & Wesson M686 and is a quite popular revolver. Personally, I prefer the Python, even if it is a bit more expensive. Ammunition: .357 M. Price: 170

Voss BC

Voss BC is a small caliber revolver that is mainly used by hunters to kill small game. 8 bullets in the drum, not a bad buy. Ammunition: .22 M. Price: 65

Ruger M2014

A new revolver made of composite materials. It has an extremely quick reload time since it uses preloaded single use drums. It comes with an integral laser sight and gun camera. It is very easy to use and maintain since it only has four moving parts and an electric ignition system. Ammunition: .357M. Price: 300 IOU

Taurus Pepperbox

This small Brazilian gun is actually a flechette shooter. It fires flechettes that are covered with various toxins, for instance muscle relaxants, hallucinogens and curare equivalents. It is entirely made of plastics and is discarded when the ammunition is used up. Ammunition: Flechettes covered in poison. Price: 200 IOU.

Automatic Pistols

This is what most people think of when they think of pistols. They are more often used by police forces than revolvers.

Glock 35

Its predecessor, Glock 17, gained a notorious reputation even before it was widely distributed, since many thought that its plastic polymer frame would prove invisible to metal detectors. It wasn't. It still had too many metal parts. The Glock 35 is completely made of plastic polymers and is damn hard to detect. It can still be sniffed though. Even plastic polymer cartridges are available, but it can be fired with regular 9 mm ammunition. It is a quite good 9 mm pistol, and very easy to maintain. Quite illegal everywhere. Ammunition. 9 mm. Price: 380

Heckler & Koch P7M13

A popular handgun in Europe with an unusual safety mechanism. It is a button in the grip that cocks the gun when gripped. It is easily concealed. Ammunition: 9 mm. Price: 100


A bit dated Soviet gun, but the commies spread this pistol in such large numbers to their colonies, that you're still likely to encounter it. It is a bit underpowered, this because it doesn't use the regular 9 mm Parabellum ammunition. The 9 mm Makarov ammunition is still widely available. Ammunition: 9 mm. Price: 35

SigSauer P226

P226 is a very good 9 mm automatic. Used extensively both by US and EU police forces. Ammunition: 9 mm. Price: 150

Beretta M92S

Not a bad 9 mm pistol, but I cannot comprehend why the US Army chose the Beretta instead of the SigSauer P226. Personally, I think a lot of politics was involved. Ammunition: 9 mm. Price: 100

SigSauer P220

An extremely reliable pistol with a good punch. Of the heavier pistols I think this one is one of the best. Too bad it only has a seven round clip. Ammunition: .45 ACP. Price: 165

Glock 20

A heavy pistol, but still quite lightweight in its class. As with all of Glock's pistols, it is very easy to maintain. Ammunition: 10 mm. Price: 170

IMI Desert Eagle

I included this monster of a gun to show you a gun you definitively shouldn't choose. Yes, it will take down your target but the recoil is hard. It is the typical choice of an armchair soldier that wants to look cool. Ammunition: .50 AE. Price: 235

Trillicon Puzzle Pistol

One of Trillicon Arms' strange weapons, this one might actually be useful in certain situations. It is a nanofactured executive toy puzzle made of black diamondoid that can be put together into a single-shot pistol (looking damn odd, with pieces sticking out in all directions). It fires a single bullet, which should be undetectable to sniffers since the propellant has been nano-built inside the casing once the bullet was sealed. After being fired, the bullet will self-destruct into carbon powder, and the second time the trigger is pulled the gun itself will also self-destruct quietly and can be washed down the toilet. A neat toy, but damn hard to solve. Ammunition: special. Trillicon is always trying to push their advanced ammunition designs, tiny nanotech enhanced nightmares that I generally stay away from, but in this case I might consider getting one for the gun -- that single bullet has to count. Price: 800 IOU for the recipe, usually customized

Calico 4550

An ultra modern gun made entirely of composite materials. It features a helical magazine that enhances its clip capability and a holographic aim point sight. It has an electric ignition system and is fully convertible to automatic fire if you can hack the chip that controls the firing mechanism. Ammunition: 4,5 mm. Price: 235 IOU.

When converted to automatic fire it works like a machine pistol. The conversion requires a Great Computer Programming roll.

Submachine Guns

The SMG saw a bit of a renaissance in the '80s. The demand came from criminals and anti-terrorist squads that needed light automatic weapons for urban use. Properly fired a SMG can be a devastating weapon.

Ingram MAC-11

I still see quite a lot of these old submachine guns around. It is not an impressive gun, especially when you don't fire it with the folding stock extended, and the flash suppressor and muzzle break not applied (which is how most morons fire it). Designed lifetime: about 10 magazines. Designed life span of moron firing it: less than 10 magazines. Ammunition: 9 mm. Price: 160

Heckler & Koch MP-10

Its predecessor MP-5 was the best on the market. MP-10 is even better. It is extremely reliable and fast handled. The 9 mm ammunition gives it a good punch and it isn't sensitive to recoil. It is almost worshiped by SWAT teams and anti-terrorist forces all over the world. Ammunition: 9 mm. Price: 265


The most common SMG in the world. It is not quite as good as the MP-10 but perhaps it's a better choice for you, since it is easier to acquire on the black market and is easier to maintain. But please, fire it with the stock extended and grip it with two hands. Ammunition: 9 mm. Price: 175

Calico 45200

Wow, man! This is SOTA! Good luck finding it on the Market, you probably wont. It is the bigger brother of the Calico 4550 gun, and uses the same ammunition but with a longer barrel and a shoulder stock added. It is able to fire three round bursts, unlike other SMGs. It comes with an integral holographic aim point sight, gun camera, electronic ignition, gas vents and a small gyroscope system that helps dampening movements from recoil. It is extremely reliable and controllable. Ammunition: 4,5 mm. Price: 470 IOU.

Machine Pistols

A stupid idea if you ask me. The small frame of an automatic pistol cannot control the recoil of full automatic fire. Still, there are some worthy to note.


"The poor man's submachine gun". This is a very cheap automatic pistol with questionable reliability. The only reason why it is still so popular is that it is easily convertible to full automatic fire. Get real, invest your money in a proper SMG instead. This one might get you killed. It is still produced in Malaysia, under license. Ammunition: 9 mm. Price: 35

The conversion requires a Poor Repair roll.

Beretta M93R

If you must use a machine pistol, use this. It comes with a folding grip for the user's off-hand. It is based on the M92S so it is a good pistol too. It cannot fire full automatic fire, only three round bursts. Ammunition: 9 mm. Price: 160


Rifles are readily available to get a license for when hunting (where hunting hasn't been outlawed). Most are bolt-action. There are many good hunting rifles, so I've included my personal favorites.

Remington M700

A very good hunting rifle. In fact it was so good that we Marines used it as a sniper rifle back in Vietnam. Today, the M700 is a quite dated model, but there are many rifles similar to it. Ammunition: .30-06. Price: 100

Ruger 10/22

Perfect for small game hunt, but not only. There is a wide range of options to this rifle. I've seen extended magazines (up to 50 rounds), flash suppressors, recoil dampening stocks, silencers and so on. You can, with some skill in gunsmithing, transform this rifle into something useful. Ammunition: .22 LR. Price: 70

Browning BAR

My favorite when I go deer hunting. Ammunition: .30-06. Price: 95

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are military weapons. Devastating. Very illegal. Most AR are bullpup since it reduces the size of the weapon without reducing its muzzle velocity. Most can fire three round bursts.

Steyr AUG

AUG is a very good AR, with a good scope and a transparent magazine. It was ahead of its time when it came and is widely used today. Ammunition: 5.56 mm. Price: 250


The Colt M16A2 was the assault rifle of the US Army and it was widely exported to all the US' allies. Let's face it, this isn't a very good assault rifle. The basic model we used in Vietnam (M16A1) was a disaster. The M16A2 is better than its predecessor is but it is still sensitive to tropical climates and still requires too much care. But the Pentagon bought Colt's rifle to favor an American manufacturer. The Colt M16A2 is not a bullpup rifle. Ammunition: 5.56 mm. Price: 165


France has exported this rifle to many of its ex-colonies in Africa. That is why you can find it on the black market everywhere. An OK assault rifle. Ammunition: 5.56 mm. Price: 180


The new Russian assault rifle model. The Russians managed to do a quite good job, with a lot of assistance from the Finnish Valmet Corporation. It is a bullpup rifle, and it has a different mechanism from the legendary Kalashnikov rifle. Still, I think it is just a kind of jazzed up AK-47 in action. I see it in use in many Third World countries since it is cheap. Ammunition: 5.45 mm. Price: 130 IOU.


An assault rifle made by the European Combined Arms Initiative, a nice way to say "pumped full of EU subsidies". It is the most advanced assault rifle in the world and designed to be used in a C3I system. ECAI is a binary propellant rifle, which means that it doesn't need gunpowder, instead it relies on two volatile gases that explode when mixed. It can designate targets; it can coordinate indirect squad fire. It comes with an integral holographic aim point sight, telescopic sight, infrared vision, gun camera, gas vents and a small gyroscope system that helps dampening movements from recoil. It is extremely reliable and controllable. It has an integral grenade launcher that can control the grenade trajectory perfectly. The best gun on the market. If it wasn't for a small error...

Boys and girls, take this as an example of why you should never rely on borgware. The rifle is heavily dependent on the controls and checks of a C3I system and to link back to a roaming user profile to boot the system. The great advantage is that when the soldier grasps his rifle it automatically formats to the individual soldier's pre-programmed settings and that somebody else cannot use it against him. The BIG disadvantage is that if that link is interrupted the soldier cannot use his rifle at all! The rifle just tries to find a connection that just isn't there any longer, and therefore it completely shuts down, since it doesn't recognize its user. A good hacker can also give commands to the rifle to start firing indiscriminately both with bullets and grenades.

The EU has equipped the UN Task Force in the Amazon with these babies. It is going to be a fun Christmas this year. Ammunition: 4mm BP. Price: 1, 000 IOU.

Battle Rifles

These heavy predecessors of the assault rifle aren't produced any longer. They have quite a lot of punch, but relatively little more than modern assault rifles. That additional firepower is irrelevant on the modern battlefield, since armor units and air units are too well armored today to be penetrated by small arms. Infantry fights infantry, and overkill isn't that necessary. They aren't bullpup and don't fire three round bursts.


The legendary Kalashnikov. It is still found everywhere in the world, especially the Chinese made ones. The Chinese still produce the AKM version. It is an inexpensive, simple and reliable weapon. Outdated, yes, but it does its work. Ammunition: 7.62mm S. Price: 70


This battle rifle was widely exported to Third World countries. Ammunition: 7.62 mm NATO. Price: 165

Pump Shotguns

Used for hunting or by police forces.

Remington 870

A good hunting shotgun. Ammunition: 12 gauge. Price: 65

Ithaca M37

Often used for hunting, but the Stakeout version has its stock removed and is thus easier to conceal. The M37 is a bit uncommon nowadays, though. Ammunition: 12 gauge. Price: 135

Franchi SPAS-12

A police shotgun. It has a foldable stock and is extremely deadly in close combat. It has a fantastic intimidation value, it's designed for it! Ammunition: 12 gauge. Price: 165

Franchi FAS

Fully made of composite materials. It is a single action shotgun but can be converted to automatic fire if you can hack the chip that controls the firing mechanism. It fires a flechette round from a helical magazine that enhances the shotgun's precision and effect greatly. It can also fire normal buckshot or slugs. Accepts any accessory. The FAS is a fine shotgun. Ammunition: Flechettes or 12 gauge. Price: 500 IOU.

The conversion requires a Great Computer Programming roll.

Automatic Shotguns

These are military weapons with a devastating short range effect.

Heckler & Koch CAW

A bullpup automatic shotgun that is used by military forces in Industrialized countries, since it is so expensive. Ammunition: 12 gauge, but a special very sturdy variant with brass casing. Price: 285

Non-lethal weapons

Hardly non-lethal at all -- like all weapons they can kill, and since many people think they are completely safe they are effectively more dangerous than real guns. Most non-lethal weapons are just gadgets for paranoid little old ladies afraid of getting robbed -- their reliability is questionable and their range is very short.

Europe Arms Security Tranquilizer 5 (EAST 5)

It's a taser, but don't believe the advertisements that it is completely non-lethal. I have seen people being killed by tasers like this, so use it with respect and care -- unlike those security guards who think of it as a long range baton. Ammunition: taser darts Price:

Europe Arms Restrainer (EAR)

A much publicized tangler rifle they give to SWAT teams around the world. It can do miracles in the right situations, like storming a terrorist meeting, but how often do you encounter that kind of situations, especially since you are not a SWAT team? Like a sand-wedge it is good in the bunker but not on the green. And it is a real mess picking up the tangled victim. Ammunition: special Price:

Paintball Gun

I'm not joking, this is an useful weapon. Just fill the balls with something other than paint: drugs mixed with DMSO, lime, tracking devices, sniffer perfume, wasp attack pheromones -- let your imagination go wild. They are cheap and still legal in many countries (although you can run into trouble if the police mistakes them for real guns). Ammunition: special Price: 50-150 IOU


Trillicon Arms Reason

Reason is an absurd name for a senseless gun. Each is custom built by Trillicon Arms in a matter compiler. Reason is a gattling gauss machine gun, with a ridiculously high rate of fire that could only be built with the most advanced nanite produced materials. It comes in a big case that carries the ammunition (which consists of tungsten-ferrite flechettes, also made in an MC), a small H2/O2 gas turbine that generates the power, liquid nitrogen to cool the generator and the superconducting magnets in the barrels. The user must apply the complicated gyroscopic recoil reduction system on his body (consisting of slings, mount etc.) before actually firing the gun.

I have seen this beast being fired. Wow.

Each "shot" is in reality a burst of many small penetrating flechettes; "three-round bursts" and "automatic fire" are longer bursts. The targets were literally ripped to pieces by a great amount of small, by themselves non-lethal impacts. Gosh, if the FOG knew that these were spread on the Black Market they would go nuts for sure. They are extremely lethal in combat, but the cooling system is prone to crashing down. The gun comes with a built in agent program that supports the user to choose target, firing position, spread pattern and gun/turbine care. Ammunition: Custom- made Trillicon Arms flechettes. Price: Are you nuts? It is dangerous and custom-made. That means expensive. Don't ever expect Trillicon to part from one for less than 25,000 IOUs. Illegal and under development.


Armor Piercing

The infamous "cop-killers" of the '80s are still around. They include Teflon coated bullets; hardened steel bullets are tungsten carbide ones. They don't have the same sort of impact area that regular slugs have, and penetrate armor better. Price: 3 IOU more than 100 bullets of the same caliber

Reduce the armor's AC by one class, but also reduce the weapons Offensive factor by one


The opposite of the AP round, as they are designed to have an even greater impact area. They widen or fragment when hitting, causing a more effective energy transfer in the tissue. Man -- stoppers include hollow point rounds; glazier rounds and the good old home made "dum-dum" bullet (dum-dums are for dumb-dumbs -- they have a good chance of causing a nasty misfire). Price: 8 IOU more than 100 bullets of the same caliber

Increase the armor's AC by one class, but increase the weapon's Offensive factor by one.

Dual Purpose

Dual Purpose are a new type of ammunition with heavy cores, often tungsten or depleted uranium. They are extremely lethal and illegal. Insanely enough, some police forces in the U.S. are equipped with this ammunition because of its "stopping-power". "Stopping-power", that's the least you could say about the DPs. Price: 25 IOU more than 100 bullets of the same caliber.

Decrease the armor's AC by one and increase the weapon's Offensive factor by one.


More dangerous than you might think. Blanks are not safe at a very close distance since the small wad of packing that leaves the gun can hit you hard. Price: 3 IOU less than 100 bullets of the same caliber

At a distance of a meter or two the blank round inflicts normal damage, on longer distances they are harmless.

Rubber bullets

Used by riot police. WARNING! They can kill a target, keep that in mind. Price: 2 IOU more than 100 bullets of the same caliber

A rubber bullet inflicts stun damage, but the Coordinator should also require END-rolls from the target. See stun.

Pancake rounds

These rounds flatten out as they fly through the air and smack the target within a wide radius. They are a bit less lethal than rubber bullets. Price: 4 IOU more than 100 bullets of the same caliber

The pancake round inflicts stun damage but they also knock the target down, if the target doesn't succeed with an AGL-roll with difficulty level of Great.

Melee weapons


Probably the oldest weapon in humanity's arsenal. Most poles, pipes, boards are quite cheap but they're not meant to withstand the punishment of fighting with so they break easily. The Japanese rokushakubo can be found in most martial art stores and is more up to the job. A staff should be about as tall as yourself and as big around as your fist, to be effective. Price: rokushakubo 10 IOU, most staffs are homemade.


Saps and blackjacks are light clubs. Billy clubs, batons and nightsticks are medium. Tetsubo and aluminum baseball bats are heavy. Not much to say about them, but isn't it strange that you find baseball bats for sale even in countries where baseball isn't popular? Price: light 6 IOU, Medioum 10 IOU heavy 14 IOU


If you are trained to use a combat knife properly I personally think that you don't need to bother with other melee weapons. They are small, concealable, quite deadly and reasonably priced. Combat knives have a cross guard to protect the fingers and are often double-edged. Kitchen knives, steak knives and butcher knives lack that cross guard and tend to snap more easily under pressure (depending on quality). But since an increasing number of jurisdictions regard the possession of a combat knife as a felony, they could be worthwhile buying.

Price: 1-3 IOU (set of kitchen knifes), 15 IOU combat knife


Get real, how are you going to lug around a sword without rousing suspicion? Most swords sold are replicas, and they won't hack it in real combat. They will break under pressure and you cannot sharpen them to a decent edge. A friend of mine here in Dallas makes real swords as a secondary career. One of his broadswords would make a medieval knight drool, because thanks to modern technology we are able to make swords that are vastly superior to the original medieval ones. It is priced accordingly, though. Price: 65 IOU


A weapon developed from the rice grinder people used on the island of Okinawa. They have become quite popular nowadays, even with many police forces that use them as nightsticks. Basically, it is just an L-shaped piece of wood that is used to block, strike and hook. With the right technique it is a very good weapon. Price: 7 IOU pair


An Okinawan grain thresher that is used by too many morons. The nunchaku is a pair of sticks tied together with a short cord. In Chinese Kung-fu movies they are twirled rapidly, flipped across the back, striking out unexpectedly at about twenty or so opponents. Using a nunchaku effectively requires a lot of technique gained through lengthy training. Most morons think they are Bruce Lee the first time they use a nunchaku and end up hurting themselves. Price: 5 IOU

Brass knuckles

Besides giving you a heavier punch it also protects your hand when you strike. Hitting someone can be quite painful to YOU. Price: 3 IOU pair


Used as an improvised club once and then it breaks into a small knife. Not bad when you are desperate. I personally prefer sturdy German bottles. Avoid all Chinese beer bottles, their content tastes like piss. Price: it's a bottle of beer, man!

Ranged weapons


The oldest ranged weapon is still going strong. Bows are relatively easy to make; silent and the modern factory made ones are very powerful. They cause injury by creating a slash or puncture wound. An arrow with any style of sharp point cuts through many types of bulletproof armor, especially Kevlar. But keep those arrowheads sharp; they won't do much damage otherwise. Price: small bow: 10 IOU, large bow: 20 IOU

Compound bows

Compound bows are vastly more efficient and accurate than regular bows (and more expensive, of course). The bows has a system of cables that reduces the "pull" of the bow by more than 50% once the string has been pulled halfway. Price: 30 IOU


Are also quite simple to make. The problem is to cock the homemade crossbow. Modern crossbows fold in the middle to create a lever for cocking the bow in about 10 seconds. To cock the crossbow without that mechanism requires great strength. Price: 25 IOU


Highly regulated stuff, but it is quite easy for a corporation to receive a license. Note that most modern explosives contain micromarkers, making it possible to trace where it was manufactured and where it was sold. Transporting them can be tricky -- there are sniffers in a lot of places, and neutron scanning of the luggage is standard at all airports and even some railways.

Each explosion has an Explosive Force per kilogram (EF) that is the Offensive factor. The OF is also increased (or decreased) by the relative degree of the Demolition roll -- a good demolition man can make even a small charge work wonders. Every meter between the target and the explosion reduces the Offensive factor by one (the Coordinator should modify this depending on walls and other obstructions; they can also channel the OF in different directions).


Good old dynamite is nitroglycerin stabilized in silica or some other matrix. Still quite common, but relatively unsafe since it can start to sweat nitroglycerin crystals if it undergoes changes of temperature under a time period. Be sure it looks waxy, not shiny. Dynamite burns, but it can safely be used as an emergency flare. Price: 4 IOU per kilogram. EF: 3


Plastique (mainly C-4) is manufactured in varying strengths. It is extremely stable, very reliable and it is shapeable like modeling clay. Today, there are better explosives and plastiques than C-4, but C-4 is relatively available. It burns, but is even safe to cook on. Price: 15-700 IOU per kilogram, depending on strength (EF 1-20)


A nanofactured explosive from N Conspiracy (who named it as a "successor" to the well-known C4, not knowing that there was a 'D' series already). Its chemical structure is very different from any other explosive (many detectors will likely miss it), and requires a very energy-rich special feedstock for production. By setting parameters in the recipe it can be nanofactured in any shape, or made plastic. Price: 900 IOU for recipe, EF: 40

Types of explosives

Weapon Statistics

Big 'H' as in "Big Holes"
Fredrik Westerdahl


DMG= Offensive damage modifier

CLIP= number of bullets the gun can hold

CC= Concealment Class.

A= in a pocket
B= in a jacket
C= maybe under a trenchcoat
D= impossible.

RANGE = Maximum distance for Short range and a Fair Difficulty level. This distance multiplied by four is the maximum distance for Long range and a Good Difficulty level. The Short distance rating multiplied by ten is the maximum distance for Extreme range and a Great Difficulty level. All distances above this give a Superb Difficulty level, and probably a need of a vision magnifier (such as a telescopic sight) to even attempt.


The Taurus Pepperbox penetrates like a melee weapon; the poison acts separately.
Smith & Wesson M640 +2 5 A 5
Smith & Wesson M686 +2 6 B 12
Colt Python +2 6 B 12
Voss BC +1 8 B 10
Ruger M2014 +3 6 B 10
Taurus Pepperbox +0 30 A 5

Automatic pistols

Glock 35 +2 17 B 10
Heckler & Koch P7M13 +2 13 A 10
Makarov +2 8 A 7
SigSauer P226 +2 15 B 10
Beretta M92S +2 15 B 10
SigSauer P220 +3 7 B 12
Glock 20 +2 15 B 11
IMI Desert Eagle +4 7 B 15
Puzzle Gun +2 1 -/A 5
Calico 4550 +2 50 A 10

Submachine guns

The gas vents and the low caliber of the Calico 45200 actually gives the user a +1 bonus to his skill when firing, since it's so controllable. Automatic fire modifiers are then calculated normally.
Ingram MAC-11 +2 30 B 12
Heckler & Koch MP-10 +2 30 C 25
IMI Uzi +2 30 C 20
Calico 45200 +2 200 C 20

Machine pistols

Due to bad recoil capacity machine pistols reduced the skill by -1, in addition to other recoil subtractions.
TEC 9 +2 10 B 5/ 3 when firing full auto
Beretta M93R +2 20 B 10/ 5 when firing burst


Remington M700 +6 5 D 135
Ruger 10/20 +2 10 D 45
Browning BAR +6 4 D 125

Assault rifles

The gas vents and the low caliber of the ECAI actually gives the user a +1 bonus to his skill when firing, since it's so controllable. Automatic fire modifiers are then calculated normally.
Steyr AUG +5 30 D 100
M16A2 +5 30 D 90
FA MAS +5 25 D 90
AK-07 +5 30 D 90
ECAI +5 400 (the gas bottle contains gases for 800 shots) D 125

Battle rifles

AK-47 +6 30 D 85
FN FAL +6 20 D 100

Pump shotguns

Receive a bonus of +1 to skill if fired within Short range, subtract -1 to skill for longer distances. Shotguns can also fire slugs, in that case there is no extra modifier to the skill due to range.

For the Franchi FAS, the flechettes negate the normal -1 penalty for longer distances than Short. They penetrate like a melee weapon When used with normal buckshot or slugs DMG: +5, RANGE: 25.

Remington 870 +5 8 D 10
Ithaca M37 Stakeout +5 5 C 7
Franchi SPAS-12 +5 8 D 10
Franchi FAS +6 20 D 50

Automatic shotguns

Receive a bonus of +1 to skill if fired within Short range, subtract -1 to skill for longer distances.
Heckler & Koch CAW +6 20 D 10

Non-Lethal Weapons

The EAR has the same distance modifiers as a shotgun. Since it just entangles, not really hurts, no END roll is required when hit. The effect of the paintball gun of course mainly depends on the ammunition.
EAST 5 +4 stun 2 A 5 (max 15)
EAR +8 stun 2 D 15
Paintball gun +1 stun 200 B 5


Reason +8 100 bursts D 75
Add +2 to skill since it is a gatling gun with lots of support. The flechettes penetrate like a melee weapon. They will very quickly eat through any armor (or anything else, for that matter); in practice any armor will disappear after the first salve, and if it is thin most of the damage will get through anyway.
Type IOU per 100 bullets
.38 Special 12
.357M 13/ 2 preloaded drum
.22M 10
9mm Parabellum 13
9mm Makarov 15
.45 ACP 15
10mm 15
.50 AE 33
.30-06 20
.22 LR 6
5.56mm 18
5.45mm 20
7.62mm NATO 20
7.62mm S 22
12 gauge buckshot/slugs 27
12 gauge buckshot/slugs H&K CAW 32
Flechettes 40
4,5mm 23
4mm BP 28
Gas canister for BP AR 5
Paintballs 1

Melee Weapons

Blackjacks do stun damage.
Staff +1 D
Light club +0 A
Medium club +1 B
Heavy club +2 C
Most most knives +0 A
Combat knives +1 A
Sword +2 D
Tonfa +1 C
Nunchaku +1 B
Brass knuckles +0 A
Bottle +0 A


Reduce Kevlar armor's AC by one, when hit by an arrow.
Small bow +1 C 50
Large bow +2 D 80
Compound bow +2 D 160
Crossbow +2 C 100