FUDGE is a generic role-playing system created by Steffen O'Sullivan that we have adapted to suit InfoWar's particular setting. We used it because it's flexible, simple, quick and quite realistic (and downloaded from the Internet and adapted to our needs, that's so InfoWar). Perhaps you, as a Coordinator would like to use another science-fiction or near future role-playing game's system to run InfoWar stories, and of course you're welcome to do so. But read the following text anyway, because it will help you get the feeling and the mood of InfoWar so that you can translate it. Not all role-playing systems are adequate for InfoWar, especially bad are role-playing systems that give the player characters special bonuses just because they are player characters. Keep the system realistic and simple above all.

The general philosophy we have used is to try to achieve realism not by an extensive and very detailled set of rules, but by trying to give enough background information to the players and Coordinator as possible, making it clearer what is possible or not. Remember that when the rules produce silly results, then common sense or rational thinking should be applied instead of refering to the rulebook.

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