Subject: Declaration of War
Newsgroups: sci.nanotech
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2015 20:00:00 CET
Organization: The Technological Underground

This is a declaration of war.

Our governments and institutions have betrayed our trust, and instead of serving the people they make the people serve them.
We stand on the threshold of a new era with new possibilities and new rules. But they want to keep us from moving forward. They want to stop us all from exploring the new in order to protect the system they represent. If the rules change they will be no more - so they will do anything to retain the status quo.
They fear the new technologies, so they try to ban them. They fear new ideas, so they strangle them in bureaucracy and party politics. They fear the unknown, so they try to limit it by only allowing the safe and known - claiming they are protecting us while they are actually imprisoning us.
But we will not take it any longer. This is a declaration of war between us, the people, and the Fascist OverGovernment the current world system has become. We will do our outmost to free the future. We will not let them silence us with censorship, bans and threats against the new. We will undermine the FOG, revealing its lies and emptiness, sowing the seeds of the new in the cracks: memes, technology, people.
Information can be free. So can we.
This is a declaration of infowar.

Hi John.

This is how I received the declaration. It might not be the greatest piece of net rhetoric ever seen (compared to Barlow's declaration or the Kirstin Manifesto it is nothing) but it appeared at the right time. Anonymous3632 put a name on what had begun: the InfoWar.

It officially began at September 20 2015, 20:00 CET.