Bulk and Surface GM Section

O mighty armed one, seeing your magnificent form
of manifold faces and eyes, manifold arms, legs and feet,
manifold stomachs and manifold terrifying teeth;
all the planets tremble in fear and so do I.
- The Bhagavad-Gita

This section is for the Gamemaster only. The Bulk and Surface setting has some big secrets the players should not know from the start.



Theme and mood




Campaign Structure

Campaign Setting

The World


Entities and Novas

The Star-Dwellers ("Sunspiders")



GM Details

Fourth Wave Novas

Infection A nasty little power that makes villains truly hard to get rid of - until the heroes discover its inherent weakness.

Secondary Eruptions How novas can suddenly increase their power. At a slight cost to sanity and free will. Regarding Secondary Eruptions



African NPCs

Asian NPCs

American NPCs

Baseline NPCs

Chinese NPCs

European NPCs

Indian NPCs

Kaspar R. Hatzenbiehler

NPC organisations

Other NPCs

My campaign

Notes, comments and texts from the actual running of my campaign.

Campaign Notes

The Stories


Player Characters


What we can learn Some useful comments about getting a nova team to work together and what to think about.

Threat Analysis Monthly Newsletter Some useful paranoia.

Immortality Challenged. The digital last will of Dr. Operov.

Report on the Ignis System A report on the solar system where a third of mankind ended up.