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On Fun

The N+1th Extropian Principle: Earn Fun! by T.0. Morrow. Why having fun is important.

On the Importance of Silliness by T.0. Morrow. If we take ourselves too seriously, others won't take us seriously at all.

Miscellanous and Humorous

Transhumanist Slogans, Maxims and Quotes

More Quotes

Transhumanist Tarot Cards

Transhuman Holidays

Universal Share. Something for the extropians...

Calvin and Hobbes on Identity

Venusomatic. Science fiction satire about the terraforming of venus.

What Am I? by John K Clark. About the problems of identity a matter transmitter might cause.

Borganism in the Media by Tom Morrow. A bit of future history.

Mind Meld by Kai Wu. A look at future forms of intelligence.

Cryonics Humor Links

Cryonics Humor

The Hyperchess Challenge. A game where the goal is to create minds able to win the game.

The Transcend Package of Transhuman Technologies

They're Made Out of Meat by Terry Bisson. What if there is a reason no alien life has contacted us?

A Transhuman Fairy Tale

The Transhuman Creed by Mark Crosby. No, it is not meant seriously.

Why Humour is Important. Actually quite serious.

A Transhuman Nursery Rhyme by Sean Hastings

Why Would Anyone Upload a Bacterium?

"Curse You, Eric Drexler" or "It's Hard To Be a Zombie" by Eliezer S. Yudkowsky.

Chain Letter

Southern Baptist Extropians by Terry Donaghe

Redneck Extropians by Terry Donaghe

The Singularity is Broken by David Langford

EvolveFISH. Freethinking bumperstickers and decals. The Evolve Fish is quite transhumanistic.

Megasystems: megascale artefacts, manufacturing, and computation . A parody (at present) of Nanosystems.

Maple/Aspen 1994 Space Playground. A playground for space designed by kids.

Immortality Stomp. A filksong about the quest for immortality.

Extropian Anthem by T.0. Morrow.

The Ex-Mass Holiday Season and The Story of Solar Cause by T.0. Morrow.

Immortality Stomp by Leslie Fish. Humorous song about life extension.

Cartoons and pictures

The Ultraviolet Ribbon Campaign for transhuman rights (by Joerg Rhiemeier).

Cartoon about longevity.

A related picture by Sean Hastings (who used a picture by Dr Steve01).

Cartoon about the problems of uploading.

The real uses of EEG interfaces.

Cyberman cartoon

Jet Ostrich (Transtrich?) by Xavier Manget.

Other Sites

The Story So Far by Cosma Rohilla Shalizi. The Real and Secret history of Transhumanism.

My Mad Scientist Page

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