Re: "If they could keep..." Here's another retaliation!

by E. Shaun Russell

On 20/10/96, Nadia wrote:

<Snip of an excellent poem>


When I opened my new eyes
On that cool August day
I had no idea
What the doctors would say

As my senses all came to
I realized where I was
And with my new mouth I began to smile
For no reason except because...

I was alive!
And that was great!
I had fulfilled
My chosen fate!
I would live
A longer time
'Cause of this
Frozen paradigm
I was preserved
Thanks to Alcor
And so I'll have
Many more days
To see the world
And change its ways

So now I get to live my life
But I'll always wonder why
If I can extend my life
Why will so few others try?

Improvised by: E. Shaun Russell

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