If they could keep a severed head alive

by QueeneMUSE@aol.com


When I was young I wondered about Mars,
And daydreamed nightly of the stars,
O! What the future held in store,
and forged a path of more.. more... more....

But others didnt understand,
I never chose to join thier band...
They tried to tell me i was daft,
but I just smiled, and calmly laughed.
( OK I am tired of rhyming now)

They always told me keep your head,
keep your head,
Hmmm....keep my head, I ponder...
keep my head....

I wandered far and foraged, found
Someone who's books i so admired
They had such wondrous things inside
as made daydreams look pale as clouds...
That shrunk vast egos small then built
new nebuli
Output cranked up and amplified.

And if I kept my head alive,
A heart, a brain, a cell to subdivide
Just take my samples, keep me cold
here's my two, my four, my hundreds more....

Slice me thin, and put my input here...
And don't forget my mom and sister dear....

A dying girl, sat on her bed
her doctor's voice rang in her head

And when she was dead,
They kept her head.

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