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I'm not a number - I'm a vector!

Or: Who or what is this Anders anyway?

Anders Sandberg is a symbiotic entity consisting of a website, user account and internet activity linked with a humanoid being approximately located in Stockholm, Sweden, most of the time. The digital part deals with most I/O and memory storage while the human part acts as a cognitive co-processor and interface with the physical world.

The human Anders is currently a research student at the SANS group at NADA at the Royal Institute of Technology, doing computer modeling of the medial temporal lobe memory system. He is also studying mathematics, psychology, medicine and plenty of other subjects.

For a more traditional view of Anders, see his Curriculum Vitae

Information In Short Form

Name: Anders Sandberg (Artwork)
Medium: Automorphism

Name: Anders Sandberg (Website)
Physical Age:8 years.
Appearance: Frameless, does not use nonstandard HTML, prefers a plain and slightly geometric style with a treelike topology.

Name: Anders Sandberg (Human)
Species: Homo Sapiens
Physical Age:28 standard years proper time.
Mental Age: Varies (usually between 10 and 60)
Appearance: Somewhat similar to ex-Prime Minister Carl Bildt.


Academic Degree: Doctor of philosophy
Research Interests: Current Other (Main) Interests After all, they are all related. Somehow.

Long Range Goals: Increasing the complexity of the universe, participate in the Omega Point
Common aliases: Frater IAM, Andreas Arenamontanus, Unit 45
Mood: Always very happy (the incidence of Happiness Induced Psychological Syndrome (HIPS) is 300% larger among my friends than in the standard population).
Metal: Mercury. Reflective, heavy, quick moving, poisons your brain.
Essence: Questing
Nature: Visionary
Demeanour: Plotter
Personality Type: XNTX (Only the 'NT' part is statistically significant, I'm probably moving between ENTJ/INTJ/ENTP/INTP in a chaotic fashion)
Dominant Leary-Wilson Circuit: Semantic (No surprise at all).
VALS type: primarily Actualizer, secondarily Experiencer.
Geek Code: GCS/M/S/O d++ H s+:+ g+ p3(30)+ !au a- w++ v+ C++++ UB+ P+ L !3 E+ N+++ K++ W-- M+ V- - Y+ t+ 5 -po+ j- R+ G'''' tv- b+++ !D B-- e+++ u++ h f+ !r n+(----) !y
Web-Portrait (using AltaVista LiveLinks)
Musical Taste: Classical music (preferably composers with names beginning with 'B', like Bach, Beethoven, Berlioz, Brahms etc.), Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, minimalist music, techno, symphonic synth and various random music.
Art Taste: Renaissance art, Surrealism, M.C. Escher, H.R. Giger, Hieronymus Bosch, anything weird but beautiful.
Book Taste: Everything, as long as it doesn't involve romance. Especially fond of hard science fiction and pure weirdness.
Cat/Dog Person: Cat Person. Cat Code: RB S G 5 X L-- W- C+++ I+++ T+/-- A E- H S++ V--- F- Q--- P- B PA PL
First Computer: Sinclair ZX-81

Member in the following Organizations: Roleplaying experiences: My Character Sheet

Pecularities: Too many to list.

  • Magick Code: MCH/GD/O S* W G QH+++ 666+ y C++++ N+ PEC++ Ds++ a-

    Images on my pages (Around 5400K altogether). They probably reveal more about me than any number of egocentric pages...

    In his room in Dread Sweden
    Anders walks around scheming.

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