Curriculum Vitae of Anders Sandberg

b. July 11, 1972


Upper secondary school ("Studentexamen") at the natural science programme at Vasalundsgymnasiet, Solna 1991.

Student at the mathematics-natural science program with computer science specialization at Stockholm University and independent courses at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology 1991-1997.

M.Sc degree in computer science 1997 from Stockholm University.

Ph.D. degree in computer science 2003 from Stockholm University.

Doctoral Thesis

Doctoral thesis: Bayesian Attractor Neural Network Models of Memory.

Master's Degree

Master's thesis: Gesture Recognition Using Neural Networks



Anders Sandberg, Alexander Sanchez & Waldemar Ingdahl, Som Egenmäktiga Gudar: Den svenska debatten om gen- och bioteknik på 1970- och 80-talen, Timbro Förlag, 2002.

Book Chapters

"Kong Markatta II - en transhumanists erkendelser" in Homo sapiens 2.0 - Når teknologien kryber ind under huden, ed. Gert Balling, ISBN 87-12-03890-3, Gads Forlag, 2002

"The Vastening of David Zindell" and cover in Earth Is but a Star : Excursions Through Science Fiction to the Far Future, ed. Damien Broderick, Univ of Western Australia Press, 2001

Computational Neuroscience

Anders Sandberg and Erik Fransen, An Autocatalytic Model of STDP Timing from Slow Calcium Signals. To be published in Neurocomputing.

Anders Sandberg, Jesper Tegnér and Anders Lansner, A Working Memory Model Based on Fast Learning. Network: Computation in Neural Systems, volume 14, issue 4, pages 789-802, 2003.

Anders Lansner, Erik Fransen and Anders Sandberg. Cell assembly dynamics in detailed and abstract attractor models of cortical associative memory, Theory in Biosciences 122:19-35, 2002

Christopher Johansson, Anders Sandberg and Anders Lansner, A Neural Network with Hypercolumns, Proceedings of ICANN-2002, Madrid, Springer-Verlag 2002

Anders Sandberg, Anders Lansner, Karl-Magnus Petersson & Örjan Ekeberg, A Bayesian attractor network with incremental learning. Network: Computation in Neural Systems volume 13 issue 2 (May 2002) 79-194.

Anders Sandberg & Anders Lansner, Synaptic Depression as an Intrinsic Driver of Reinstatement Dynamics in an Attractor Network. Neurocomputing 44-46: 615-622 (2002)

Anders Lansner and Anders Sandberg (2001). Functionality and Performance of Brain-Inspired Neural Networks. NOLTA 2001, Zao, Sendai, Japan. 501-504.

Anders Sandberg, Anders Lansner, Karl-Magnus Petersson, Selective Enhancement of Recall through Plasticity Modulation in an Autoassociative Memory. Neurocomputing 38-40 (2001) 867-873.

Anders Lansner, Anders Sandberg and K. M. Petersson. On Forgetful Attractor Memories. ANNIMAB-1, Gothemburg, Sweden. 54-62. (2000) Invited.

Anders Sandberg, Anders Lansner, Karl-Magnus Petersson and Örjan Ekeberg, A Palimpsest Memory based on an Incremental Bayesian Learning Rule, Neurocomputing 32-33 (2000) 987-994.

Anders Sandberg, Anders Lansner, Karl-Magnus Petersson and Örjan Ekeberg, An incremental Bayesian learning rule, Tech. report TRITA-NA-P9908 NADA, KTH, Stockholm 1999.

Mikael Djurfeldt, Anders Sandberg. See -- a framework for simulation of biologically detailed and artificial neural networks and systems. Neurocomputing 26-27 (1999) 997-1003

Future Studies

Morphological Freedom -- Why We not just Want it, but Need it, talk held at the TransVision 2001 conference, Berlin, June 22 -- 24 2001.

Friendly Superintelligence, talk held at Extro5: Shaping Things to Come, June 15 - June 17, 2001 San Jose, California (see also Introduction to Friendly AI)

Anders Sandberg, The Physics of Information Processing Superobjects, Journal of Evolution and Technology, 5 December 1999

Anders Sandberg, Robert Söderberg. Computer Generation: Visions and Demands The Third International Conference on the Military Applications of Synthetic Environments and Virtual Reality, MASEVR'97, Sweden.

Amplifying Cognition: Extending Memory and Intelligence, talk given at Extro3: Extropy Institute's 3rd conference, The Future of the Body and Brain/Future Infrastructure, August 9-10, San Jose.

Miscellanous Papers and Articles

Various articles in Homo Excelsior, Extropy, The Transhumanist, M2, Smedjan and other journals.




Fields of Interest