Artefacts of the Chantry

During its history the chantry has gathered numerous magickal artefacts and tomes (and unfortunately lost quite a few). Beside those talismans owned by individual mages, there are many owned by the Chantry and the Guilds.

The Library is filled with treasures for anybody willing to spend a long time searching. It is very complete in certain areas, and strangely deficient in others. This is mainly due to the sad fact that many of the books from the two oldest Summers have been scattered or destroyed, and only random parts of the original library remain. Generally, there is a lot of hermetic texts, but they are quite incomplete in certain areas. The alchemical and goetic sections are quite well-stocked, while the Rosicrucian section show signs that many texts have been removed. On the religious side, there are many non-magickal texts but few real tomes. On the other hand, the section of books relating to the activities of the School of Swedenborg is smaller, but very complete. There are very few documents pertaining to the Guild of Bacchus. Different spheres are also represented more or less. There is quite a bit about Forces, Matter and Prime, but very little about Correspondence, Entropy and Time.

When it comes to other lores, the library is a veritable treasure. The collection of observations and books about the Faerie is in fact the largest in the world except for the main library of the Arcanum (ironically, few of the mages at the chantry take any interest in them). The library also have many detailed references about the Garou and the old Norse myths, but almost completely lacks information about vampires and ghosts. In mundane matters, it is mediocre and often quite dated. The only exceptions are the collection of historical documents (which in fact traces the evolution of the Swedish Technocracy the last 400 years quite well) and a small up-to-date scientific library.

Beside the open library, there is also the closed library, usually called the Master Room. Here the most advanced texts are stored, together with texts which has been thought dangerous for apprentices to study. This includes several goetic summonings, some mystical texts and many documents pertaining to the real history of the chantry. On a reading table lies the classic Ars Magna et Ultima by Clavius and the unexpurgated Tabula Smaragdina by Hermes Trismegistros, often referenced by the Guild of Mercury. Inside the room there is also a locked cabinet made of iron containing truly restricted books. To read them the approval from the Magister, Forcemaster and Alderman is required. What is inside nobody knows, except possibly the Librarian.

Beside the books, the library contains numerous more or less interesting talismans. A large cabinet houses the Andreas Arenamontanus collection of curious magickal objects and his book about them (many talismans are now missing). They are seldom useful, but often quite amusing or puzzling. They range from simple toys (like a box which makes people forget anything which is put into it) to talismans which apparently contradict known laws of magick, like a lead cube filled with true Nothingness. On the library shelves various more or less strange objects are placed, like old hourglasses, strange fossils or ornate statuettes.

Other artefacts are placed around the chantry, and are too numerous to count. One artefact is the telescope in the tower. Its a Swedenborgian construction, and able to see not only the stars but also the Umbra. This is just known by Ryger, who isn't telling anybody. The lantern of the lantern-bearer is able to absorb free quintessence and release it in the Temple. The sword of the Weaponsmaster doubtless contains martial magick.

Another of the major objects is the Sword of Paracelsus, which hangs above the fireplace in the banquet hall. Originally it belonged to the executioner at the Bloodbath of Stockholm 1520, but Paracelsus (who visited the chantry right then) managed to buy it. Since it had killed around 80 nobles that day, he realised that it had become a quite powerful artefact. He mainly used it for experimental entropy and life magick, not to mention to show off during his travels around Europe. After his death in a barroom brawl, the sword passed from alchemist to alchemist on the continent until it was given as a gift to Alderman Prahler by the Order of the Blinding Sun. Although most mages of the chantry realise that its a very nice foci for Life and Entropy, nobody knows its real importance. It is a fetter of one of the most powerful wraiths of Stockholm (once one of the nobles killed at the Bloodbath), who seeks to protect and control it (not to mention make sure the mages never realise its true importance). It can subtly influence events and people around the sword, and would immediately notice if anybody used it. Right now it hangs over the fireplace in the Banquet Hall.

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