August 07, 2009

Who wants to be chipped?

Processor portraitCyborg Status - John Zogby's firm polled people about whether they would want implanted chips for various purposes. 13% wanted chips for Internet access, 25% wanted a chip that gave immunity to disease, 23% wanted a chip giving access to knowledge and just 6% wanted entertainment chips. Males were as expected more open to enhancement than women, younger people are more open to the idea of entertainment, internet or knowledge chips while everybody were about equally interested in immunity chips. According to Zogby, Democrats were more likely to want chips than Republicans, likely because of a co-correlation with religious adherence: non-churchgoers were more likely to want chips than churchgoers.

Nothing too surprising given other studies.

In reality, those chips better be very good for anybody to want to undergo surgery to get them. Either that, or a significant social signal.

Posted by Anders3 at August 7, 2009 02:35 PM