August 19, 2009

Books, Covers

SupervillainsI love getting copies of books I have contributed to. Here are my two latest.

I have a chapter in Supervillains and Philosophy, where Rafaela Hillerbrand and me discuss the ethics in Watchmen. No particular suprises I guess, the usual debate between Rorschach the deontologist and Ozymandias the hubristic utilitarian. Due to length restrictions we had to cut an interesting discussion about superheroes vs. Maxwell's and Laplace's demons.

Uncle BonesThe second book should be judged by the cover... or perhaps not. I made the cover picture for Damien Broderick's collection Uncle Bones. It was an experiment in breaking all rules of harmony and composition, aiming for a nightmarish feel. I was quite surprised when Damien wanted it.

Posted by Anders3 at August 19, 2009 12:18 AM