August 02, 2008

iThink Different

The Monkey Buddha: Introducing the "iThink" is a small concept sketch for "the interface of the future". Nothing unusual, just a neural interface with a linked quantum processor, a few hundred yottabytes of information and of course a global iThink mental network.

What I think is the interesting part here is not the device - it is a sf staple - but the question raised: how would it be *designed* and marketed? Design is a great part of what determines success and usability.

For example, part of the success of the iPod was simply having iconic white headphones that signaled its presence and brand. The iThink is doing the same - there is absolutely no reason to have a visible external device on top of the neural interface. It could have been subdermal or hidden under clothing. But if you can see that somebody is on iThink that person will be a walking piece of marketing - and if the brand is good people will want to be seen with it. Feedback ensues until we are all iPodlings and iThink borganisms.

Posted by Anders3 at August 2, 2008 10:59 PM