August 03, 2008

Another Threat from the LHC

Atlas 10symmetry breaking Rapping the LHC - another global catastrophic risk from the LHC, scientific rap!

Actually, it is not that terrible compared to much that is out there. And the science is right and illustrated with infographics.

What really caught me was the previous rap, N3UROCH!P, dealing with this paper: Itay Baruchi and Eshel Ben-Jacob, Towards neuro-memory-chip: Imprinting multiple memories in cultured neural networks, Phys. Rev. E 75, 050901(R) (2007). Now that is a rap subject I can really get into!

Maybe there ought to be a rule that every scientific paper that is written should either have a popular science explanation posted on the web, or something more fun like a rap video?

Posted by Anders3 at August 3, 2008 04:47 PM