April 24, 2008

Decrescendo a la Bruxelles

Can you make music?And continuing today's theme of apparently silly regulation: Brussels has managed to inadvertently regulate the style of future music. The legislation itself is not absurd, but I'm willing to bet the consequences will be. And it will speed up the automation of some orchestral jobs.

What I am curious about is how the noise regulations handle small, angry children. Will work safety experts step up and gag them - or forcibly remove kindergarten teachers? Or should people around kids wear earplugs? Will there be EU grants for noise cancellation equipment for nurseries? (so far most active noise control in this area has been for infant incubators) At least in 2005 the EU claimed it would be "reasonable" when dealing with nursery and school noise, but given EUs past record of reasonableness (especially with the above orchestral limitations) I expect we will see much silliness...

Posted by Anders3 at April 24, 2008 09:39 PM