November 15, 2006

Genes, Eve and Cheese Mazes

jellygene.pngThis week's CNE Health blog is about the prospects for biogenerics; looking good thanks to the US democrats and a the grinding EU process, but I still think the Indians are going to be the big winners.

Last week was about making gene names non-upsetting. Personally I think this is a silly issue, but it led me to this site about fun gene names. I think my favorite is Pray for Elves (scroll down to "Other information" for an explanation). Of course the pokemon gene is very useful, as this cartoon demonstrates. And while we are at it, I must join the chorus of praise for redressing the honor of Eve!

Hmm, since this has already become a surreal association game, I might as well mention my latest timewaster, Baron von Puttyngton versus the Cancerous M.C. Escher Maze of Cheese. A magnificient game where you play a pink jelly cube trundling through a growing Escher maze, turning yellow cheese into blue to stop the maze from growing. To do this you can change the direction of gravity. It is marvellous in its surreal simplicity and weirdness. No monsters, no time countdown, just you against geometry, rubberiness and exponential growth.

Posted by Anders3 at November 15, 2006 08:43 PM