February 27, 2005

Beyond the singularity

I have passed my personal singularity - the Se Hjärnan! exhibition is now on the road.

I leave it to others to decide if or in what ways the exhibition is a success, but for me seeing a little girl looking rapt at a immunostain photo of a purkinje cell was enought to validate the whole project. I also had the chance to have a pleasant chat with Arvid Carlsson about the need for broader discussions about the implications of neuroscience with the public. As well as the chance to work with some extraordinary people in creating something entirely new out of mere ideas.

Over the next weeks I plan to clean up this blog quite a bit, including getting rid of the spam and maybe adjust the format a bit. Not to mention implement some new ideas the exhibition project produced. But that is for later.

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February 19, 2005

One week to ignition

One week left to the premiere of "Se Hjärnan!", the big neuroscience exhibition I have been scientific producer, graphic artist, animator, gopher and who knows what else for.

Once this project is finished this blog will live again - I have so much to write about. But for the moment, everything is work.

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