by E. Shaun Russell I've been a witness all my pagan life
To the things that go around,
I've heard an atheist's applause--
It doesn't make a sound.
I've seen the 'victims' with their pity-tins
For the glinting copper coins,
I've seen the product of falsified love:
The bruis'd fruit of polished loins.

I've seen the bullshit hit the fan,
I've heard the truths that just don't scan,
I've seen premature maturities,
I've known cascading obscurities,
And I've borne the labor scars
Of the newly ordained stars.

I've been a witness all my pagan life
To the promises gone unkept,
I've felt the mighty planet shiver
On the day that Atlas slept.
I've seen the 'oppressed' with their backward-hats...
The hatchets in their eyes,
I've seen the 'oppressors' with their regressive tongues
And a million overused alibis.

I've seen so-called 'democracies'
And political hypocrisies,
I've seen irrational adoration
To a bordered land or 'nation,'
And I've taught the nip-and-tuck
Of Operation Mindfuck;

I've seen the jailed terrorist,
I've hoped he'd never hit-and-missed,
I've known the world's feeble aim,
I've hung my heathen head in shame,
But mostly I've wondered what it's for:
Peace in the left hand while the right hand wages war.

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