Vary (So Very)

by E. Shaun Russell

I was in a daydream one day
When a question occurred to me
Something just out of my reach
An obscured reality

I climbed the highest mountain
Scoured the deepest sea
But I couldn't find the answer
Couldn't fulfill my plea

I asked the lowliest peasant
With his base philosophy
But he didn't have a response
To my crucial inquiry

I asked the wisest prophet
Within his prophecy
But he couldn't reveal the truth
Perhaps he couldn't see

I pleaded with the sky above
Begged God for sympathy
Maybe He wasn't listening
Or He was a fallacy

So in the pits of despair
Depressed as one can be
I looked inside myself
At my wretched anxiety

And there I found the answer
Of how I could be free
I saw where I went wrong:
I forgot eternity

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