by E. Shaun Russell

I think, therefore I am
The man you would condemn
The soul you'd try to break
The heart you'd love to take

I dance on the threshold of sanity
The knife-edge between me and humanity
I thrive on achieved pleasure
And the ability to obtain true leisure

I've severed the tie that bound
Broken all future chains
Certainty's what I have found
And I've taken it by its reins

I know therefore I'll be
The man no-one can see
The horror you'd hate to find:
The one who worships the mind

I savor individuality
I find solace in time's duality
I live for my own paradise
And not for a collective's vice

I love life a bit too much
To be vexed by another man's crutch
I had the one chance to learn
That I caused my own world to turn

When you sever the ties that bind
And break all future chains
Certainty's what you will find
Take it by its reins

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