by E. Shaun Russell

A spark of life provokes me as I smash my Kingdom Come
A free fire eats away at the part of me with no soul
I dare not play that role
For the years shall pass me by --2000 in sum

To number my petty needs I must soon lose count
As reason leaves my restless mind at last
A simple spell my heart can't cast
A trotting mare which in all my glory I cannot mount

The ice of love berates me as I build my Shangra-La
Freezing my own free will at which I must protect
A politic I can't elect
Because the lucid innocence inevitably skins me raw

The omnipotence makes me clear my throat of the doubt that lies within
I am my own authority
I need no sorority
For my power is not almighty but it gives me drive to sin

The paradox before me makes me spite the sovereign land
Blight the accusing world
And universe unfurled
The downfall of aristocracy at my trembling hand

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