by E. Shaun Russell

I took a look around me
The world seemed a bit too bright
So I took a couple of pills
To make sure I was feeling alright

I walked down through grey buildings
On asphalt black as night
I looked up to the sky
It said I must be feeling alright

I went to a munitions store
Bought a big gun with a laser-sight
I spoke to the gun and it told me
That I have to be feeling alright

I walked over to a playground
A little boy was flying a kite
The mess he made when I shot him
Said I must be feeling alright

I was tackled by a policeman
His dog gave me a bite
The sirens were screaming to me
That I must be feeling alright

So locked up in a cell
A little room of white
Orderlies, they come to me
They say I'll be alright

In the eyes of public awareness
I'm the advocate of the Devil's plight
If I'm such a big celebrity
I must be feeling alright

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