by E. Shaun Russell

Beyond, beyond the solar light
Appeared to me transcendent sight
With immortal hand, eternal eye
A guise of abstract oh so sly

Manifold of numbers some
Entered deity mind not numb
Words of poets held me fast
Slow time 'fore quick time was cast

Conversing had no real say
Through the sums I made my way
Needless for some friends or peers
Chartless chanceless least my fears

Bliss not magic, gaunt yet fair
Revealed a goddess' shoulders bare
Flowers in hand, steadfast gaze
Through infinity's divinity praise

Kaleidoscope of buried boon
Spatial godseed awakens soon
Become an ageless entity
Then my being shall be free

Join the Goddess in her Void
Confusion coming less annoyed
The futile struggle, needless strife
Now I share the secret of ceaseless life!

By: E. Shaun Russell

-Inspired by: David Zindell

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