The Immortalists

by E. Shaun Russell

Condemned to life’s shortness --its brevity,
We hope that someday we will find the cure:
Perhaps to extend our longevity
Or conquer both death, and life’s remote lure.
Many men say that we are merely fools--
Heretics detracting from our design,
And that we will never find the right tools
We need to extend our current lifeline.
Maybe they are right --the skeptics who say
That we should not try to control our fate,
Perhaps death is a force we must obey
With reincarnation to compensate;
But in the hope it is not, we shall try
To extend our lives however we can,
Adamant that we do not need to die,
And certain of the potential of man;
For each life has a beauty so much more
Than the sum of mankind’s abilities,
Each life is a key to a portal door
Of all infinite possibilities.
We cherish this vivid reality
That life has a greatness all men should know,
That once we overcome mortality
There will be no limits to where we go;
Though there will be those who block our progress,
And those who will condemn our endeavor,
We will never stop, we will not digress
From our objective to live forever.

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