by E. Shaun Russell

It's your responsibility
To know what's right from wrong
It's your own sensibility
That makes your will so strong
It's your personality
That makes you who you want to be
It's your own sense of vanity
That shows you what you want to see
If love is an unfaced fear
You can conquer it with your own mind
If hate is an unshed tear
You can battle it by breaking its bind
If death is a silent dream
You can tackle it at its source
If life makes you want to scream
You can change it from within its course
The stars are the only light
That can guide you on your way
Your goals are your only sight
While you're living from day to day
As far as the eye can behold
The space outside the earth has no end
As logic knows it is old
The universe is on what we depend
With the light that we have been given
Most people stumble into themselves
With the galaxies that have been hidden
Most scientists put distant hopes on their shelves
But to the wise and untrained eye
You can see it all for your own gain
You can find the meanings out beyond the sky
When the constellations have been slain

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