by E. Shaun Russell

At the hem of the galaxy I'm always free
Optimistically dynamic, dynamic optimistically
When I can see things that others do not know
I am confident in my competence to best do it so

I know that I could turn back and obey the propounds
But there's no way I'd forego the prospect of expanding my bounds
For I shall surpass the limits of where most men fear to go
Grasp the opportunity to best do it so

My ordered spontaneity
My interstellar gaiety
Be exactly what I want to be
To do it best, I do it free

The only way to keep myself from stagnation
Is to continuously adjust my thoughts --self transformation
To go beyond invisible bounds is a sure way for me to grow
Go where I desire, best do it so

Individuality can lead to originality
Pursue a distant goal, manifest this stellar quality
The power is within you, there is nothing to bestow
Transcend the moral boundaries and best do it so

Ordered spontaneity
Interstellar gaiety
Be exactly what you want to be
You will do it best if you do it free
Hindrances transgressed
Never cease to be the best
Go farther than all others go
Be free --best do it so
Unveil sacrosanct mysteries
Prove the faults of histories
Outward travel evermore
Best do it so, best you explore

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