What is the Alliance?

The Transhuman Alliance is a cooperative effort to coordinate transhumanist information on the web.

More specifically, its goal is to create an unified sub-web making it easier for people to find information, to navigate through it and for the maintainers to stay up-to-date and high-quality.

How does it work?

The general idea is simple: Moderators create and maintain pages on specific subjects, helped by contributors who provide texts, graphics, finding links, site maintenance, extra disk space, mirror sites and other help.

A central overview page (which works in exactly the same way as the other pages) contains links to these pages which in turn link back.

A general set of symbols and navigation tools help users to get around and find information. By making them somewhat standardised users can recognise the Alliance Web and do not have to figure out how user interface is intended to work more than once.

Alliance Organisation

Each moderator is responsible for his or her pages, making sure updates occur and that people linking to it are informed of relevant changes (although this can of course be delegated to contributors).

It is up to the moderator to decide what kind of information should exist on the pages and their area of interest. However, it is strongly recommended that moderators should listen to requests from users, other moderators and especially the contributors.

The regular contributors of a page are listed together with the moderator on the page so they are easy to get in touch with (and to stroke their egos of course; lets face it: its fun to be noticed). .

While overlaps are unavoidable, its a good idea to send relevant information to the page dealing with that area to keep the Alliance working. Note that the information itself do not have to be at the page, since we are only concerned with the logical structure of the web.

The user interface is not mandatory, although it is recommended. The idea is to make it simpler for the users to navigate, they will just have to learn to recognise one set of icons and one kind of web structure.

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