Questions and Things to Evolve

Search engines

It would be very useful to have some kind of internal search engine within the Alliance Web to make it easy to find references to certain material, subjects or authors.


Backlinks are links that are added by the viewers of the pages, to further information, new results, critizism or refutations of the arguments on the pages. In this way the web becomes a dialogue between reader and writer. Unfortunately there is no support for such a system yet in the WWW, so it has to be developed.

The Foresight Institute Web Enhancement Project seems to be the currently most serious such undertaking, although Hacklinks by John Walker seems to be closer to realization. See also Backlinks for an introduction to the problem.

Rating and Review systems

Another problem with the WWW is that its often hard to judge the value and content of the resources; are my pages about psychology accurate, or are they pure wishful thinking? It is often hard to tell if one is unfamiliar with the subject. backlinks would alleviate this problem somewhat, but a system for reviewing pages and their contents is needed. There exists some reviewing services (like Point Survey or excite NetDirectory), but they are limited and not experts in the necessary areas. One proposal for an user-driven system is A Message Rating System Proposal by Alexander Chislenko.

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