How can I help?

Ask not what the Web can do for you,
ask what you can do on the Web.

Become a contributor

If you find information you think some subweb could use, don't hesitate to contact the involved people and share it with them. Or why don't join the regular staff of contributors, helping to build the Alliance?

The Alliance needs:

Start your own subweb

If you don't find information of the kind you seek in the Alliance, then you are either seeking for the wrong kind of information (i.e. off subject) or, more probably, nobody has yet made a subweb for it. Why don't you add your capabilities to the Alliance?

Send comments, criticism and ideas

Feedback is the strength of the Net, no other medium allows feedback to such an extent. If you disagree, agree, want to improve or change something you read, contact the moderator or person responsible and discuss it.

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