Weird Religions

If the triangles made a god, it would have three corners.
Weird Religions in Hyper-Weirdness by World Wide Web.

Church of the Almighty Revealed in Biotechnology

Andersianism Page. A small religion centered around myself.

I'm not the only one who has started an egocentric religion. See for example My Quest for Godhood by Gordon M. Baskin.

The First Church of Jesus Christ, Elvis

The Grand Holy Unorthodox Church Ironic

The 1st Internet McChurch Tabernacle

The Boojumism Archive

First Church of Cyberspace

The Intergalactic House of Fruitcakes

The Church of Virus. A memetically designed religion.

Neotech Zonpower. Now you can get riches, romatic love and a godlike mind-body!

Temple of the True Inner Light - Enlightenment through psychedelics.

The Church of Euthanasia. Probably the most depressing religion ever.

"Joke" Religions

First Church of Mad Scientist.

The Cult of the Forked DaggarJon

The Church of the Bunny

Church of the Holy Scab - who said spirituality couldn't be disgusting?

The Cult of Hamstur

The Superchurch - millions and millions saved!

The Universal Life Church - become an ordained minister over the web!


Other Religious Matters

The Great God Contest!.

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