Fun Links

Net Strangeness or Creativity

HastaLaVista Search-and-Destroy Engine. Do Too Many People Know About Your Web Site?

Mind Reading Markup Language (MRML)

The Kingdoms of Elgaland/Vargaland.

Electronic Postcards. Now you can send postcards over the net!

MegaHAL. Computer generated discussion. Quite bizarre.

The Solar System Live. Keep track of where the planets are right this moment!

Alive Alife Page Artificial creatures of various kinds.

Reviews of This Page - self-referential review page.

Artificial Art

Art That Evolves

Genetic Art I, Genetic Art II, Genetic Movies. Genetic art, which develops depending on how you vote!

Genetically Programmed Music.

Fractal Heart Art

Art That is Computed

Primordial Soup Kitchen Cellular Automata Art.

Game of Life

3D Strange Attractors and Similar Objects

Quaternion Julia Sets

Tom Longtin's Art

Classic Literature

Monthy Python Texts

Weird Al Yankovic lyrics

Lewis Caroll. Some pictures from Lewis Carrols books and links to the texts in Project Gutenberg.

Terry Pratchett.

The home Page of toDbaj De', in Klingon. Contains links to various translations of classical texts into Klingon.



Piled Higher and Deeper. A chillingly accurate depiction of how I got my degree.

Choppingblock. Everybody's favorite serial killer.

Sluggy Freelance

Bruno the Bandit

Schlock Mercenary

User Friendly


Red Meat


Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index

Bacon & Ägg. Swedish cartoon. Very illuminated...

Weird Events, Science and People

The Kooks Museum

Anders Mad Scientist Page

The Sci-Cop Story. To serve and protect the laws of nature...

The Kook of the Month Award Family

Flat Earth Society Archives

Hexnet - the hexagonal revolution!

Humor and Childishness

LEGO! My favorite toy!

(Just look at what they are doing at the university of Massachusetts!)

The Jollitorium. A place to have fun in!

AGD Antics and Mayhem Page. Explosions. Slingshots. Fresnel Lenses...

Barney in the Second World War

Interesting Animals

The Froggy Page. It ain't easy being green, but if you like frogs, look it up!

The Naked Dancing Llama

Phylum Tardigrada

Other Compilations of the Weird

Hyper-Weirdness by World Wide Web version 0.2

The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension

The WPage

Links on the Fringe

Brian's Page of Antique Weirdness

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