Symbolism of the Chantry

The seal of the chantry is the letters C H written in an complex intermeshing calligraphic style, surrounded by a ribbon with the motto: "Convivo Holmiensis - Per Tempestem, Ad Lucem" and the year 1346.

The seal of the Guild of Mercury is a pentagram surrounded by the Orobros, the snake biting its own tail and the five words "Sator, arepo, tenet, opera, rotas" in Hebrew at the corners. This formula is often repeated as a square on doorways into the Guild.

The seal of the Guild of Vulcanus is a compass above a crossed lightening-bolt and hammer, with the motto "Diligentia, Tolerantia, Scientia".

The seal of the Guild of Bacchus is a hexagon of wine-leaves surrounding a bunch of grapes.

Each guild has its own guild-chest, containing its statutes (only the ones of the Guild of Mercury are active, of course), its seals, its chalice and other important documents and objects. The chest of the Guild of Mercury is a beautiful iron-bound oaken chest, slightly scorched on one side after the great fire. On its top the seal of the guild is written in silver filigree. Inside is the original statutes, the Alderman Seal, the guild chalice, several old scrolls of membership, a book containing the secret rituals of the guild, a small bag containing several small diamonds, coins and other trinkets.

The chest of the Guild of Vulcanus is made of black iron, with its seal stamped onto the surface and inlaid with gold. It contains the old statutes (before the formal merge with the Convivo Holmiensis), a letter from Swedenborg himself, the Arabian Scroll, the chalice, several disks with important Virtual Adept documents, a pile of incomprehensible designs and constructions, piles of tiny, odd devices of brass and the seal of the Mastermechanicus.

The chest of the Guild of Bacchus is a simple wooden box, with its symbol chiselled on the lid. It contains the chalice, a package of old documents, images and papers which belonged to their old chantry. Here is also a glass box containing a few dried leaves which reputedly are from the wines of Bacchus himself.

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