Recent Events and Mysteries

The Palme Assassination

Who killed Prime Minister Olof Palme in March 1985? The murder is still unsolved, despite many attempts at finding the killer and even a series of trials of one suspect. Was it really the work of a madman, as the police claims? Or was it political terrorism? Or is there a deeper, more disturbing reason?

The killing took place on Sveavägen, the main ley-line of the Technocracy, just on the border of their domain. Its proximity to the glass monolith could have formed a psychic resonance which spread across the nation. Was it planned by someone to shock the people of Sweden out of their placidity? Was it an attempt to repeat the ancient tradition of sacrificing the king to ensure fertility and power for the nation, or to attack the paradigm?

Afterwards, several groups have profited. The faction within the New World Order which were behind the political system, the Social Engineers found that their reality had begun to crack. Instead the Syndicate and hard-liners within the NWO gained power. Was it a Syndicate assassination? Or did one or more mages of the Convivo Holmiensis attempt to repeat the assassination of king Gustaf III?

The JAS Gripen Affair

The JAS 47 Gripen fighter jet developed by SAAB is one of the most technically advanced planes ever built, relying completely on computer control and guidance. Despite protests from many groups the corporation and the Swedish military have managed to continue the expensive and controversial project (Some claim its because the high level executives and the previous Minister of Defence are members of the same Masonic lodge).

The project has been hurt by accidents. The first crash happened during a test flight, where the pilot lost control during landing and the plane crashed. Unfortunately, the whole crash was filmed and the images of the plane plowing into the ground were spread worldwide. After a lengthy investigation, the project could continue. But during an air-show on the 1993 Stockholm Water Festival, the pilot lost control again, and the fighter crashed spectacularly in front of tens of thousands of onlookers, fortunately without any injuries to anyone. This time the crash was filmed by several amateurs, and yet again the critique and public ridicule rose to a roar. Is someone sabotaging the project? But who? The traditions? The Syndicate? Someone else?

The Miracles of Stockholm

In the southern suburbs of Stockholm a few years back, the assyrian-orthodox girl Samira began performing miracles. An icon began to ooze holy oil in her presence, and the oil apparently healed people who came to her. The whole story got some media attention before being forgotten again. Was she an orphan Celestial Chorist? And what happened to her? Was she replaced by a Progenitor Clone?

The Rise of Violence

The amount of violence has risen recently. Although some experts claim its just that the media report it more and that it has become more brutal, most people feel its presence. Is this just a natural sleeper reaction to Technocracy tyranny, or is there something else behind it? Maybe the NWO hard-liners are arranging random violence and serial killings just to make people demand stronger police, more severe punishments for criminals and stronger societal control over people. Or perhaps there are somebody out there who seeks to undermine the stability of society?
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