The Masters

Master Arthur Edward Cavendish

The highest proof of virtue is to possess boundless power without abusing it Thomas Babington Macaulay
Arthur has always been conscious of forces. The forces that cause events. The forces that shape things. The forces that lead us to our destiny. Instead of trying to impose his will on the universe, he aligned with the universe and made it his will - and became unstoppable.

Arthur grew up as the only son of a well-off farmer just outside of London. His quite enlightened father sent him off to educate himself, which he did with enormous appetite. Although he could not get into the best universities due to his low birth, he managed to acquire a prodigious education to the pride of his family. But before he managed to become a civil servant or academic, he was initiated into a Masonic lodge tied to Cambridge. There he met other inquiring, dynamic minds who regarded knowledge and drive as more important than background, and especially delighted in understanding the secrets of history and religion, not just to learn them as others did. Quite soon, he was a mage of the Order of Hermes.

Through the years he has become the centre of a dedicated group of hermetic mages interested in actually *doing* something for the Sleepers, while still being true to the hermetic ideals of secrecy and spiritual knighthood. The Alexandrian Lodge, which he became involved with in Cambridge evolved into a chantry in the late nineteenth century when a wealthy benefactor donated St. Vincent Manor to it. At the turn of the century he became its Chancellor, and has led it ever since.

His son had less academic interests and instead became a very successful businessman. At first Arthur was surprised, but in time both father and son realised that it was a masterstroke: this way they could combat the Syndicate in secret on its home turf, it gained the chantry significant resources and it provided an excellent way of gaining entrance into the circles of high finance for hermetic ideas.

For the last decades he has been doing his best to both influence sleeper society with hermetic ideas, and to bring the disparate magickal groups of Britain together. His success has been notable, but still an enormous amount of work remains to do. And Arthur's time is running out. His magickally extended life is becoming too extended, and unless he retreats permanently to a Horizon realm he will die. He accepts it with his usual calm. But he definitely wants to see the Pattern completed, it would be the logical conclusion of his lifework.

Appearance: A ruddy, big man in a too tight suit with an overflowing, jovial personality. Due to his mastery of Forces the air is often warm and slightly dry around him.

Roleplaying tips: Be outgoing, active but at the same time calm; you have no need to get stressed as long as everything goes along your elaborate plans. There is no need to push things, persuasion and charisma works much better.

Tarot Card: King of Questing
Sat: Betelgeuse
Chantry: St. Vincent Manor
Essence: Questing
Nature: Plotter
Demeanour: Autocrat
Quote: "Brethren, our duty is as clear as it is heavy: we must guide the sleepers towards the light, so that our dear island kingdom may truly become Albion in both name and alchemical essence."

Master of Forces and Prime.

Master Germund Weith

I am the Hawk-Headed Lord of Silence & of Strength; my nemyss shrouds the night-blue sky. Aleister Crowley, Liber AL vel Legis
While Arthur is active and involved, Germund tends to step back and view the whole picture, evaluate it, reach in and manipulate a small part and then watch the desired changes to occur. He is the ultimate occult manipulator, always aware of the secret undercurrents of society and magick. If nobody will ever notice his influence, so much better. Germund lives only to perfect.

Germund is quite young for a hermetic Master, just 35. He awakened just 14 years old when he witnessed a supposedly secret hermetic ritual held in a forest in the vicinity of his native Lünenburg; to the surprise of the assembled mages the youth with blazing Avatar appeared from the trees and seamlessly took part of the ritual. His meteoric rise through the ranks and lodges of Ordo Rosae Crucis in Germany also raised quite a few eyebrows, as did his sudden decision to resign from his position as leader of the Berlin lodges. He spent a few years apparently aimlessly wandering between the orders, lodges, houses and temples of the Order of Hermes, until he suddenly joined the thelemites in Hamburg where he quickly advanced to a respectable but obscure position as Keeper of the Law. Among hermetic mages he is known as an unusual person, impossible to predict and even harder to pin down.

The truth is hidden. Already as an apprentice he had a vision: an united Order of Hermes, leading the united Traditions towards Ascension. To achieve this, he learned everything there was to know about order politics, the structure of the Order and how to influence things. Then he quit, and visited the various fractions and subgroups, carefully learning their strengths and weaknesses, and starting to weave a web of interconnections that one day may help unite the Order. He joined the thelemites as the next step, since they were the group most dynamic and open towards the other traditions, a perfect base from which to balance the forces of magick and power. Up until now he had been working to strengthen the ties between the Cult of Ecstasy with the Order.

When Arthur contacted him, it was not because of his abilities at occult intrigue, but as a renowned Egyptologist and as widely connected mage. Arthur might have suspected some of his designs, but in that case he has hid his knowledge well, and used it to make Germund one of the driving forces behind the Armorers of Orion. Germund quickly realised how the completion of the Pattern could help his vision, and has indeed become one of the most powerful backers of the Armorers.

Even if Germund isn't aware of all aspects of the Egyptian Ascension Jihad, he has a certain feeling for it and can provide some useful advice and if necessary, help from unexpected directions. Without realising it clearly, he has surprised the Priestesses of Isis with bringing a Mage of the Blood into Egypt, something they had not expected. This has actually forced them to protect the Armorers somewhat against the other groups.

Appearance: a dark-haired, pale, somewhat skinny man in his early thirties with piercing eyes. He usually dresses in conservative black clothing, sitting silent in shadow during most discussions.

Roleplaying tips: Keep to yourself, watching how the others interact. Occasionally enter the situation and influence it in some obscure way. When you speak (with a slight German accent) either give very clear, practical answers or nearly incomprehensible hermetic riddles.

Quote: "To know. To will. To dare. To keep silent."
Chantry: Ptah-Imhotep Camp, Hamburg
Tarot Card: Two of Questing
Star: Rigel
Essence: Pattern
Nature: Conniver
Demeanour: Architect

Master of Correspondence and Spirit.

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