St. Vincent Manor

The Manor lies ten kilometres east of Cambridge, surrounded by a small forest/park which gives way to a very strict but beautiful garden around the manor proper. The building is a middle sixteenth century manor, with a great colonnade and several wings. It is a pleasant place to retreat from the outside world, and its library is quite recognised among English hermetics.

Quintessence is provided by several standing stones in the vicinity, but the chantry doesn't gather enough to afford an entire realm; instead some of the inner rooms exist only partially in reality.

The Seraphis Society, the central cabal of the chantry, has for a long time sought to help Sleepers through hermetic means. They have so far succeeded mainly at influencing English society in a hermetic direction, but the more optimistic members claim that more and more people at key positions have been illuminated by the secret truths. Their critics claim the Society mainly engages in the creation of Old School Tie-networking.

The Scribes of Thoth guard and tend the library, seeking out new tomes to include and organising the hermetic truths in better ways. They are doing their best to network with other hermetic chantries (most notably the Library of Alexandria) in this pursuit, with mixed success.