US Special Powers Task Force

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US Special Powers Task Force

Sometimes jokingly (and derogatory) called “The Nova World Order”

Inaugurated on July 4 2004, the task force is essentially a kind of nova national guard: enrolled novas can be called out to deal with issues where it is judged that the novas can contribute with their powers. It also runs information campaigns about novas and their powers to lessen misconceptions as well as scout for eruptions.

Notable members include Julio E. Vess (”Jumping Julio”), Lane Mofetta (”Miss Atom”), Carmella Saracino (”Lady Nasa”) and Espírito Santo Riograndense Kramer.

Former senator Erik S. Bogar (rep) is the head of the task force. Bogar has good connections in the White House and is respected outside his party. He has been leveraging his position through the media coverage of the task force, and is now seen almost as often as the novas themselves. Some speculate that he plans to use his growing popularity to not just re-take his seat in the senate but to run for president in the 2008 election.

Department of Homeland Security Directorate 6: Nova Studies

The directorate is headed by Under Secretary Christian R.Verge. It handles all forms of nova activities as they impinge on national security. The DHS directorate is formally responsible for the US Special Powers Task Force and other nova-related agencies.

DHS has, as the Annarumo Committee suggested, made nova research a big commitment. It funds much research about nova powers, physiology, eruptions, applications and defence. It is the largest founder of nova research worldwide and runs many projects in allied countries beside the US.

US Military

The US military claims two novas: FireStorm and Pablo ”Ribs” Garcia Villaverde.

FireStorm is currently deployed against nova terrorism in the Middle East. The media have never been allowed to encounter FireStorm, but among the conflicting reports it seems clear that he is able to manifest fire powers, fly and predict enemy movements before they happen.

Villaverde is still in training, and is involved in the Team Synergy program for integrating a nova with a team of soldiers.

Both are part of the task force, but already allocated to their duties.