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The European Nova Agency (ENA)

Size: 175 employees, 10 consultants

Budget:    20,889,000 euro

ENA is intended to:

  • Uphold human rights for novas
  • Support EU nova research
  • Advice the EU on nova related matters
  • Enable EU novas to utilize their powers in a constructive manner, especially for public defence
  • Deal with erupting, deranged or criminal novas

It is not a military or intelligence agency, and is placed under oversight by several other bodies (creating a somewhat messy bureaucratic environment). When sent out to deal with a nova threat it does so together with local authorities and Europol; when novas are sent out in the field they are heavily supervised.

European novas are requested to work with ENA, but it has no power to force cooperation. Most member countries have made deals with ENA so that novas employed by government organisations can be loaned to ENA (and sometimes vice versa).

ENA is decentralised with offices across Europe, but much of the activity is concentrated at its centres in Aberdeen, Stuttgart and Nice.

Much nova medical and engineering research is located to Aberdeen. The Aberdeen centre has a facility on an oil platform in the North Sea for testing nova powers and confining disturbed or uncontrolled novas, and several labs in the town. The total size is about 100 employees, mostly administrators and researchers. It has proven a boon to the city thanks to the influx of EU money and tourists wanting a glimpse of the novas who visit.

The Stuttgart centre deals with general nova oversight, policy issues and antiterrorism. It is the coordinating centre, with 50 employees (mostly administrators and clerical workers). Much more administrative and legal, it is not very well known. The Nice centre aims at nova applications, nova detection and education. Their complex in Sophia Antipolis has become a major conference location for nova-related conferences and visits. It is smallest, just 24 employees and a number of interns.

ENA has a collaboration with CERN to use nuclear and particle physics to study novas; the centre of excellence is led by Dr Arkady Aleksevitch Operov.

Novas are usually not employed by ENA, but rather affiliates to the diffe

Ondre Debinski is the official nova representative in the governing committee. He represents the employed novas and is somewhat of an ombudsman/union representative. He is also often used as a spokesperson of “the nova community” when ENA needs some good publicity.

Miscellanous Texts

ENA Mission, Goals and Methods

Organisation of ENA

ENA Response Team Guidance Document

Memorandum on Nova Teams

European Novas and Eruptions


Documented Powers

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Mj. Janis Ivalts (“Tiger´s Claw”)

Enhanced physics

Latvian Army

Stuttgart affiliate

Gradual eruption over 2003 as physical abilities developed tremendously.

Lisa Hudson (“Despairing Venus”)

Emotional control, darkness control, impenetrable skin.



Eruption 2005? Emotional control issues. Died in Johannesburg Incident.

Eugenia Holmström



ENA researchers participate in study

Swedish retiree who in January 2003 in front of many witnesses in Stockholm “imploded”, becoming a black rock-like object 7 cm across.

Tarent Incident




A 5 month baby was observed in Tarent 18 November 2003 to flicker across the apartment of its parents and then vanished.

Beatrice Mercier

Diamond conversion

Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire, Nova Division

ENA Researchers admitted to site for study after approval.

Unseen eruption on or near May 15 2003 in Villers en-Bacage (Normandie, France). Believed to have converted herself and everything within 45 meters into diamond. The site has been sealed and is examined by the DSTSN.

Daniette Färber

Light-bending, mass/density increase

University Hospital of Heidelberg

ENA Researchers admitted to site for study.

Erupted September 22 2003. She immediately went catatonic and has remained so since then. She is being treated at the University Hospital of Heidelberg.

Anastasia Mikhailova

Mental control, stealth?

Leningrad Regional Clinic and Hospital


Erupted as a stroke/Alzheimer patient at the Leningrad Regional Clinic and Hospital, where she remains.

[Yong Sung] “Boost”

Technology merging and control, technology modification

UK Nova Task Force

Aberdeen affiliate

Erupted when encountering an MRI unit,

Gerhardt Kestel (“Die Vampire”)

Resiliency, flight, natural weapons


Stuttgart affiliate

Currently incarcerated in South Africa.

Francois LeClerque (“Mr F”)

Soil control

Belgian Police

Brussels affiliate


[Iñaki Azkuna] (“The Saviour”)

Mental control


Brussels affiliate


Taleye Khoyi

Weather, gravity and mass control, forcefield.

UK Nova Task Force

Aberdeen affiliate


Dr Oliver Struck

Extreme resiliency, forcefield.


Stuttgart affiliate


Gustave Pernot

Strength, jumping ability, fire production

Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire, Nova Division

Nice affiliate


Prateli Vignuzzi


Consultant Nice


[Ishoa Ali Noah]


Science consultant Aberdeen


Matt Doyle

Chemical control

DuPont Chemicals

Aberdeen affiliate


Vassilij Ternatjenko (“The Russian Bear”)

Strength, mud control




Ondre Debinski (“Not Captain Euro”)

Flight, paralysis

Polish Military Research Institute

Nova representative


Clare Leith (“Flying Mom”)


UK Nova Task Force

Aberdeen affiliate


Dr Arkady Aleksevitch Operov

Intelligence, matter perception

CERN, TH Division

Scientific consultant