Novas for Peace

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Novas for peace was started by Lane Mofetta, and she is still its managing director. Other notable nova members include Shen Ainu, Taliyah and Matt Doyle.

The organisation has non-nova members and staff, although its novas do tend to make the most waves. While NFP does not demand that members take public stands loudly, most do. They protest against military applications of nova powers, try to mediate in conflicts where novas participate or are likely to participate, network with other peace groups and do their best to make both baselines and novas aware of the risks of nova warfare and the benefits of peaceful use of nova powers.

NFP is controversial like any highly visible peace organisation. Many Americans consider it to be not just liberal, but implicitly supporting nova terrorism, hindering the War on Terror and working against the president. It is a favourite target of extreme right denunciations and jokes. China and India are openly considering it a subversive organisation and have banned it from working within their borders, and it is also unwelcome in Pakistan and Japan.