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President Antonieta Mandinga before the coup
Comrade Mao Tse-tung, nowadays that sort of thinking is out of date. You can no longer calculate the alignment of forces on the basis of who has the most men. Back in the days when a dispute was settled with fists or bayonets, it made a difference who had the most men and the most bayonets on each side. Then when the machine gun appeared, the side with more troops no longer necessarily had the advantage. And now with the atomic bomb, the number of troops on each side makes practically no difference to the alignment of real power and the outcome of a war. The more troops on a side, the more bomb fodder.
- Nikita Khrushchev, Khrushchev Remembers

Novas appear to erupt completely at random, with no pattern in location. There are around 150 documented novas in the world, with origins distributed in the same way as human population. Age at eruption appears to be random: 44 of the known novas are younger than 15 years and 10 older than 65. It is believed that there may exist up to 60 unknown novas who have not announced their existence or erupted visibly.

It has been noted that there seems to be a preponderance of novas with physical and fewer with mental or social powers. This is likely due to under-reporting: such novas may erupt without anybody noticing, and remain hidden afterwards. Some fear that such unknown mega-intellects and manipulators are growing in power and undermining democracy and transparency worldwide. Beside the known eruptions and mis-eruptions there are likely several undetected. In some cases people have erupted in ways imperceptible to others, in others the mis-eruption merely caused an unexplained disappearance.

Continent-wise Asia dominates with 90 novas, followed by 21 African novas, 18 European novas, 12 novas from Latin America and the Caribbean, 8 from North America and one from Oceania. However, many novas from less developed nations have been recruited to the West, increasing their number (due to secrecy it is not known how many now reside in the West).

China is the nova superpower with approximately 30 novas. Most have been drafted by the Ministry of State Security and the PLA Nova Department; by law anybody exhibiting superhuman powers must report it to the authorities. Shen Ainu, China’s most internationally famous nova, currently resides in the US after escaping the authorities and is a well known critic of Chinese human rights abuses and expansionism. On the other side is Major Yu Li Kuang, the official Chinese spokesnova and a firm supporter of the government.

India has been the origin of 26 novas, 8 of which were younger than 15 years old. Ten have left for the US, Europe and Australia. The Union Ministry for Home Affairs runs the Bureau of Superhumans, which handles most nova-related issues. Several novas have been positioned in or near Kashmir, making the situation increasingly tense. Pakistan has placed three novas on their side, and meanwhile the UN and others are denouncing the use of nova child soldiers by both sides. The most serious problem is the existence of at least two nova terrorists within India, attacking Muslims and Hindus respectively.

The USA was the origin of 7 novas, but has gained approximately 16 novas from abroad. Lane Mofetta (“Miss Atom”) and Mark Sayad (“Romeo”) are the most well-known – Mark has his own television show and Lane is campaigning for progressive causes and the peaceful use of nova powers (often together with Shen Ainu). A senior non-nova administrator, Erik S. Bogar is the official head of the US Special Powers Task Force, but so often seen in nova related news that he is commonly regarded as a “honorary nova” or “the nova senator”. Within the task force Julio E. Vess and Carmella Saracino are the two most visible novas: Julio (“Jumping Julio”) for his amazing physical feats and Carmella (“Lady Nasa”) for her space-adaptation. Several others are active in the private sector and military.

Of the European novas Ondre Debinski is most known. A Polish law student, he erupted in late 2002 and became the first public nova of Europe. He became part of the EU study of the nova phenomenon and later became the “chief nova” of ENA. He is sometimes called “Captain Europe”, an epithet he absolutely hates. Another famous nova is the British-American flyer Clare Leith, sometimes known as “flying mom”. She has been using her newfound fame to promote her own brand of conservative Christianity. In scientific circles Dr Arkady Aleksevitch Operov is most well known, both for his extensive theorizing on the nova phenomenon and his contributions to theoretical physics.

Indonesia suffers from imminent civil war aggravated by the existence of several highly visible and politically active novas. Tuanku Syarif is closely related to the presidential family and is emerging as a nationalist populist leader with strong military ties. A boy nova calling himself Teuku Umar is leading Aceh independence, seeking to bring about an Islamic state. East Timor is protected by Raden Siriputri, originally a poor farming woman now recruited to act as the official Timorese spokesperson and “protector”. Beside these there are at least two other, less well-known novas, and one who left for China.

Of special note is that South Korea has one nova while North Korea (despite claims to the contrary) has none.

A particular fear is nova terrorism. At least one Afghani nova is believed to have links with al Qaida, and the Iraqi nova Labib is actively harassing US troops. Syria’s nova Hawa is also a concern in the region. Apparently she is able to enhance collaboration in human groups, and it is known she works directly for Syrian intelligence.

Meanwhile Israel boasts its own nova, Shir. Originally an advertising executive, Shir is both extremely resilient and able to change shape – but also (in)famous for declaring that he will only defend Israel against attacks, never contribute to any offensive uses.

Militarily most novas are not real threats. As demonstrated by a 2004 incident in Lagos where a 13-year nova tried to rob a bank and was shot dead by police, novas can be handled by a dedicated and well-armed force of ordinary humans (especially if they are willing to take a few casualties). Groups of novas are another matter; secret wargame tests have demonstrated that nova groups can complement each other well enough to be a real battlefield threat. Even a normal group of soldiers augmented by a nova is dangerous. But the real military fear is novas with more subtle powers – controlling technology, mental powers, and the creation of illusions or remote viewing. Such novas are very hard to deal with, especially if they cannot be found. Novas also make fearsome terrorists: apparently normal people who at any time can unleash devastation despite being unarmed.

Politically novas often become national symbols. Syria’s Hawa and Japan’s Akira Shigemasu  are seen as embodiments of their nations by the population. Novas can also become influential through their celebrity status, charisma and manipulative abilities; Tuanku Syarif is well on his way of becoming a major demagogue and leader, and after the 2004 coup in Guinea-Bissau it is now ruled by a nova.