Nova Theories

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Lavelle Turri discovering his powersThere are many theories about what novas are and why they are erupting:

Natural Phenomena


Some form of quantum effect has passed by the Earth (gravity waves from a black hole? Cosmic torsion? A resonance in the galactic magnetic field?) and triggered the nova waves. Nova powers are due to very unlikely but self-sustaining resonance states among microtubuli within the cells of human bodies. The main problem of this theory to explain is why just some rare humans erupt. Why not dogs, or all humans?


Largely discounted, but still suspected by many in the public. A variant suggests that novas are infected with a self-organizing quantum mechanical resonance state in the microtubuli network that produces their powers. A variant of this theory considers the possibility that this state is some form of “living” or even intelligent symbiont.

Next Stage in Evolution

Discounted by scientists since there is no selection pressure towards nova-hood. Quite popular in public discussions. Many think that all humans will gain nova powers sooner or later, or maybe by unlocking some kind of mental or genetic trick.

Artificial Phenomena

Given that most physical effects do not produce complex or helpful effects on humans (usually they cause none – neutrinos, magnetic fields – or deadly effects – radiation, strong gravity fields) it is unlikely the novas are caused by a natural phenomenon. Instead intelligent intervention is a plausible cause according to many:


Advanced alien powers might be responsible, in an attempt to communicate, gain a fifth column foothold or just play with humans. One group of UFOlogists claim we have been given nova powers in order to finally go out into space to meet the aliens in their home.

Future Intervention

The somewhat non-causal powers of some novas suggest that time is not as directional for novas as for ordinary humans. Novas might be caused by advanced humans (novas themselves?) in the future, reaching back in time to give humans powers.

Divine or Demonic Intervention

Many millennialists believe the novas signify the End Times. The Book of Revelations is full of descriptions of things that could be novas in action, everything from false prophets and children with strange powers to world-wrecking titans. Novas could be ordinary people being given powers by God to fight the final battle – or, as most fundamentalists believe, they get their powers from the Adversary to confuse things and attack the heavenly host.

New Aeon

A natural or planned progression of consciousness is going on, and mankind has moved to the next Aeon of psychic development. Various guardian beings are trying to guide us, and may be manifesting themselves or helping people to become novas.