Constructing an SF Universe

World builders course

Planetary Classification List

Alien Planet Designer

"What's needed to build a world?" - a good checklist with questions that can help flshing out a world.


3D Starmaps by Winchell Chung. The definitive howto web-guide.


Wilbur - a terrain modelling program.

World Builder - a planet modelling program with continental drift and climate simulation.


How to design an alien by Jack Cohen, from New Scientist, 21 December 1991, Vol.132 No.1800 Page 18

Principles of Planetary Biology


Inflating Lorentzian Wormholes by Thomas A. Roman (Phys.Rev. D47 (1993) 1370-1379) - the "factual" basis of the higgsram drive.


Foresight Institute - Nanotech policy think tank.

Advanced computing

Quantum computing

We, Borg by Anders Sandberg - maybe some ideas for Unity.

MIT wearable computer page

Posthumanity - some ideas about posthumanity.


Encyclopedia of the New Economy


China the Beautiful - useful material for Penglai.


The Human Languages Page Language Construction Kit - excellent advise on how to make your own languages.

Basic Interlingua Course - while the lingua of Arcadia is not strict Interlingua, it can be an useful inspiration.

Auxilingua - Interlingua and other constructed languages.

Online Dictionaries - Many languages.

Indonesian and English Conversation

English-Chinese Online Dictionary

Remember that Babelfish can be used to translate into Spanish/Portugese for the Victorians.


Transhumanism resources - a lot of resources that can be useful for this setting.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle


Alien Worlds

CONTACT: Cultures of the Imagination

Epona, a well designed planet orbiting around Tau Ceti. (see also the Hanly gallery for more pictures).